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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


1. 謝謝你的來信,如果你要求台灣的品質,XX國的價格,對我們來說是困難的,

2. 根據經驗,我的客人原本是從XX國採購的,但看過我們的產品後轉為向我公司採購的

3. 當然,如果你願意告訴我你想買的數量與希望的價格,我們將立刻評估是否可以接受你的要求..

4. 在此強烈的推薦我们有GS認證及專利的產品供你參考,希望符合你市場的須求,期待你的回應,謝謝!

謝絕用網路翻譯 , 有請國貿高手幫忙 !!.謝謝!!!

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    We received your e-mail with many thanks.

    It is very difficult for us to offer you Taiwan quality with XX price, as the costs are way different.

    For your information, we have a customer who used to order from XX before. But, the quality problem which ordered from XX bothered them very much. So, they came to us for help instead. And, with just a bit more cost, they have now with no more quality problems with us. Buy quality for guarantee is our promise for our customers.

    As for a long term business corporation, we strongly suggest you to do business with qualified suppliers. Here, please find the attached our GS certificate & patented products for your quick reference. We believe that they could well meet your market needs.

    Anyway, please kindly inform us your expected order qty & your ideal price. We will do our best to support you to initiate our mutual business corporation with you.

    We are looking forward to receiving your reply soon.

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  • 1 decade ago


    1. 謝謝你的來信, 如果你要求台灣的品質, XX國的價格, 對我們來說是困難的,

    Thank you for the letter. If you required Taiwan’s quality at XX’s price, it will be very difficult for us to oblige.

    2. 根據經驗, 我的客人原本是從XX國採購的, 但看過我們的產品後轉為向我公司採購的

    In our past experience, we had customers who originally planed to buy from XX, but later turned to us for their needs, after checking us out.

    3. 當然, 如果你願意告訴我你想買的數量與希望的價格, 我們將立刻評估是否可以接受你的要求…

    To be certain, if you would tell us the desired quantity and price, we will be able to evaluate your proposal immediately, and decide whether we could meet your requests.

    4. 在此強烈的推薦我们有GS認證及專利的產品供你參考, 希望符合你市場的須求, 期待你的回應, 謝謝!

    We will also take this opportunity to strongly recommend to you our GS certified and patterned product. We hope to meet the demand in your market, and are looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Appreciated your mail, however it is difficult to meet your price if you

    requested the quality that made in Taiwan at the low price level

    as made in xxxx.

    2. One of our customer purchased products from xxxx before,

    but placed orders to us after evaluated our products .

    3.If you could provide us the quantity and target price, we will check

    whether your request can be accepted or not.

    4.Hence, we recommend our products which with paten and GS

    authorization for your evaluation, hope that can meet the demand

    in your market, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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  • KK
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    1 decade ago

    1. Thank you for reply to our letter. If you take account of our quality ,

    It is difficult for me to accept your domestic price.

    2. According our transduction records, most our customers, who orginally

    purchased products from other countries before, always change their minds

    to purchase our products.

    3.Of course, if you would like to tell us your expecting price and amount,

    we will immediately evaluate the feasibility.

    4. We would like strongly recommend you that we have GS certification and

    patent products for your reference, and hope to meet your need in market.

    Looking forward to hearing from you very soon, and thanks.

    take account of 考慮


    domestic 國內的

    transduction records 交易記錄

    evaluate 評估

    feasibility 可行性

    certification 認證

    patent 專利

    lookinf forward to + Ving 期待


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