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    After Mai Ke dies, loves Tong An stain Chen the injustice to result in the snow finally. 16 years ago are involved in the handsome boy document, let the wheat be possible the Jackson prestige to receive greatly affect, but along with his falling from the sky, the truth become known finally! Handsome boy document lead Jordan Chandler has grown up now, after he hears Mai Ke the death news, spoke frankly that “initially I was am forced the father only then to falsely accuse the wheat to be possible!” Britain Daily Mail reported the other day that at that time the Insurance company to worry the lawsuit burn-out wheat might, insist wanted him and opposite party private settlement, the wheat satisfying does not want, to think the clear reputation suffered injury, will become in his life the stain, but still the insured company convinced finally, (approximately 726,000,000 new Taiwan dollars) and opposite party reconciled by 22,000,000 US dollars, but this matter let Mai Ke be shamed, at that time the mood collapsed nearly! The expert pointed out: If true love Tong Pi has not been held, the life most little must encroach upon 240 children, because this is a morbid state, he forever is unable to restrain!

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    Michael's death the case of pedophilia taint the ice and snow has finally Chen injustice. 16 years ago, the involvement of child molestation, so that seriously affected the reputation of Michael Jackson, but with his imminent demise, the truth finally exposed! Child molestation protagonist Jordan Chandler has now grown up, he heard Michael's death, the admitted "At first, I was forced to be falsely accused by his father Michael!"

    British "Daily Telegraph" recently reported that insurance companies were worried that a lawsuit caused the collapse of Michael, and insisted that he and the other private reconciliation, Michael hearts of 10 million do not want that way and damaged, it will become a blemish in his life, but the last still to convince insurance companies to 22 million U.S. dollars (about 700 million 26 million NT dollars), and the other side of reconciliation, but it is shame for Michael, when the mood is almost collapsed!

    Experts pointed out: a true pedophile caught if not a lifetime of at least 240 violations of children, because it is sick, he is always unable to exercise restraint!

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