Darcy Bussell on Strictly ... Not Alesha Dixon's favourite person?

Did anyone else get the impression that Alesha (the donkey-laugh) Dixon was NOT amused by Darcy being the new judge on SCD?

Alesha was the only member of the judging panel who did not applaud Darcy on Saturday, and completely talked over her on Monday's SCD - It Takes Two ... (made herself look a tad desperate even?)


Crikes! A 'clean sweep' in terms of answers ... I just wanted to add too that Alesha says once more "you WAS" instead of you were I will have a fit! My poor mother is even considering writing to Beeb, so aggravated is she by AD's appalling grammar - this is an 'example' to youngsters???

I didn't realise they were bringing her back next year - After having watched from series one, I may well decide to leave it in the future!

Thanks all for your answers - will be V. difficult to choose a Best! x

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    Oh yes Babybelle I certainly noticed - she had her nose put right out of joint. Her face was a picture when Darcy was introduced and it spoke volumes! Especially when Bruce said about 'having some class' on the show! On Monday's SCD-It Takes Two she had the audacity to tell Darcy that 'you did very well' - who the f*ck does she think she is? Sorry I don't usually swear like that but that woman gets right up my nose and I find myself shouting at the tv week after week at her. I just so wish the BBC would get rid and realise she is not wanted.

  • Laredo
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    I have to agree with you I think Alesha's nose was put out of joint with Darcy as a judge. I think that Alesha is too nasty and personal with her remarks to the celebrities, she is just a singer who once won the SCD series, nothing more and nothing less. I was hoping that she would not be asked to return as the judge for the next series but in the newspapers yesterday it said that she was coming back - pity!

    I did see ITT and Alesha made herself look silly, she kept saying 'right from the get go' I think the expression is 'from the word go'. Definitely a very jealous person, I do not even like her as a singer. I am a SCD fan though, but this series is not as good as previous shows.

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    Er could it be because Darcy B. actually KNOWS something about dancing, and Madam A feels threatened - out of the comparative comfort zone she has with the other three 'guys'. Alesha is scrabbling so hard to keep up and sometimes it's glaringly obvious how far out of her depth she actually is. If in doubt, snort like a stuck pig.......or cackle.

    Mind you, I found Darcy extremely, and surprisingly, 'cold' when she appeared on the panel on Saturday. I think she was nervous (according to write-ups before she came onto the panel) but she needs to loosen up big time if she's going to come back next year, which given she now lives in Oz, I somehow doubt. Still, at least she kept Len and Craig apart eh.

    Add - after I posted..... lololol Bluebell.

    Also - I thought I spotted that Alesha is returning next time --- BIG MISTAKE. Bring back Arlene - or one of the retired pro.dancers who would make a far more informed judge. The show needs judges (not eye candy) if it's going to retain any sort of integrity in terms of 'competition'. Surely?

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    Have to admit she did look a tad peeved at having competition and not being the only woman.. Yes her grammar is appauling. I want to slap her, and i'm not a teacher.. If you ask me, they need to ditch Alesha Dixon, and make Darcy Bussell her replacement. She is brilliant, and the best thing since Arlene went. It was nice having a talented, brilliant qualified person to judge. Alesha has improved (aside from her grammar) but it is a little like having a mechanic who knows nothing about cars..

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    Alesha is just plain jealous of Darcy and how stupid, degrading it was for her to let it show through like that. Jealousy is a heavy burden to carry! Darcy is a brilliant dancer and someone to be admired not elbowed! Alesha should take a leaf from Darcy's book and show professionalism and a little more decorum!


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    The sooner the get Alesha off strictly come dancing the better the programme will be I agrre I believe she was jealous of Darcy.

  • As first answerer.

    Darcy has class, Alesha is as common as muck and she knows it compared to Darcy. She feels threatened by Darcy - it was written all over her face and that laugh she has, sounds like she's got something stuck in her throat.

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    Darcy Bussel is sheer class who studied for years and put her body through more physical torture than whats acceptable, have you ever seen a ballet dancers feet? Alesha Dixon won some crappy dance competition for amateur z-list celebs and now thinks she's an expert. Maybe she doesn't like the fact her opinion means nothing because she is just a face thats all she's no expert.

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    No i didnt see tension between them. I watched scd but not it takes two. Maybe alesha's jealous because she hasnt exactly gotten allot of praise for being on the panel. As for darcy well she's more respected and famous i guess?

    I like them both though, shame!

    Apparently alesha is qutting next year.

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    I have no problem with her at all now.....when Brucie gets to Alesha on goes the mute button. It's wonderful, it's like she isn't even on the show anymore.

    She should stick to what she knows best, whatever that is....it certainly isn't dancing or judging.

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