Who were the Stahkonovites??? PLEASE HELP?

I am not sure who they are...but I have a power point due on them tomorrow...please help me get a summary about them that an eighth grader could understand

and Also i would like to know how they relate to animal farm??? are they the pigs???

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    Alexi Stakhanov was a Russian miner. In 1935, he was used as an example of the ideal socialist worker, having set a succession of records for mining coal during one shift.

    The Communist Party in Russia propagandized his achievements to claim the superiority of the Socialist economic system and extolling other workers to follow his example.

    A Stakhanovite is someone who works incredibly hard, and sets records in, or has outstanding achievements in, work productivity.

    In 'Animal Farm' the horse, Boxer, is presented as a Stakhanovite worker; his blind faith in his leader, Napoleon the pig, ultimately leads to Boxer's death.

    Orwell is thus saying that believing in Stakhanovite propaganda and attempting to reach Stakhanovite levels at work only leads to death for such workers.

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    These are two clocks in the world with six faces. In Liverpool, England, each clock face records a different time to match different aspects of Liverpool life.

    Guess that in Animal Farm the Stahkonovites has something to do with controlling farm life activities by rigid time-keeping.

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