Who were the Bolsheviks and how did they relate to animal farm?

Ok Could someone please summarize who the Bolsheviks were and what they did..and could you make it easy enough so that an eighth grader could understand.

Also I would like to know how the Bolsheviks related to George Orwell's Animal Farm! PLEASE Help..I am a procrastinator and the project is due in eight hours (still have get sleep too)

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    "the bolsheviks were the agents of destruction. It wasn't so much what they did but their mere presence, which corrupted everything they came into contact with..."

    Peter Ouspensky, from the introduction to the second edition of A New Model Of The Universe

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    Bolsheviks were a group of revolutionaries who wanted to overthrow the existing tsarist government in the early 1900's. They included Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky among others. In Animal Farm, as far as I remember they were pigs: Squealer, Napoleon, and others. The idea was that at first they wanted to serve the people (other farm animals), but ended up being greedy for power and turned the government into a totalitarian regime. Basically, started terrorizing other animals if their own selfish goals and desires weren't met. You could cover the Revolution of 1917, under Lenin (who wasn't actually one of the pigs, but still was and icon). Then talk about Stalin and Trotsky. Trotsky was exiled from Soviet state in 1928 just like one of the pigs...

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