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Nono asked in TravelAfrica & Middle EastEgypt · 1 decade ago

Egypt, have you ever...............?

wondered how other members sound like? their voices?

can describe your voice? do you sound younger, older, or just your age?


@wolf: eah bas el 7'yal da kolo lool

@popeye: lool w 7a'leha benna leah ... my voice usually sounds younger than age .. rofaya3 shwya .. waty bas momken ey3laaaa haha

13 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    ESD: sooto rofaya3 shwaya

    Caesar:mesh 3aref leh 7ases sooto t5een m3 en kol el mo2asherat bt2ool 3'aer keda!!!

    Zoser:Sooto maly markazo keda LOL =D

    Popeye:soot ragel kbeer bas sooto farfoosh keda

    Lovely Diamond w Balsam:soothom haady 5ales

    Reem: sootha abit excited,her tone is low.

    Dina wenty: 3ala ma azon low bardo bas once a5adto 3al nas byeb2a 3aaly

    Eman G: sotha rofaya3 bas nabreto 3alya

    Moonrise: hady bardo

    Shou: sotha 3amel zay madfa3 eleftar LOL (walahy bahazar mate2ta3eesh raasy wenaby!!! xD) la hatla2y sotha haady lama teb2a 3aady bas when excited byeb2a madfa3 eftar,heh =P

    Passion:rofaya3 w haady

    Wiseheart: calm voice with calm tone.

    El Alex: sooto 3aaly shwaya.

    Keira:Calm voice but some times the tone gets high.


    Kimmy:low tone and calm.

    LOL@Rodii walahy ana asef enny nsetek,5ata2 3'aer ma2sood =D osboory bas shwaya w hatlaa2y el 3'alatat kolaha tbaan ba3d shwaya keda xD

    @Passion: Pure luck my good friend =D or may be am just psychic =P

    @Shaza: LOOOOOOOOOOL baeny w baenek el kalam elly mabaen el qoosaen dah tananeeny tananeeny ya3ny xD bas shofty ba2a!!! ana el mafrood to7otoony m3 ommena el 3'oola wabo regl masloo5a wel 3er2 elly byetla3 fel affah 3al ra2s qa2emet el sha5seyat el masreya el mor3eba xD

    @Popeye: LOOOOL asl ana makshoof 3anny el 7egab,w ba2ra el kaff wadrab el wada3 =D

    @ESD: mot2asfeen ya 3am w lawenaha sayba m3 yeegy 5amsa walla 7aga =P wenta kaman asasan se7netak mateddeesh 3ala roffay3 5ales LOL xD

    @Dina: fe3lan your voice i believe is quite joyful,like i rarely find you angry LOL xD

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ah ahahahahaha @Wolf. True but usually im very jumpy and my voice sounds like a really young voice. Everyone on the phone usually thinks im like 15. Im usally super happy like all the time so my voice is very cheerful.

    I talk like the way I type.

    But Ive never imagined what others sounded like.

    @Wolf: A lot of my friends are like we want to see you sad and angry b/c im always so cheerful. Such good friends lol.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I always wonder about that. As for me my voice usually sounds younger as I know. I always say I will record my voice and hear it one day and I never do that. But I should do that very soon!

    @Wolf, thats so true, how i did u know that?

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  • 1 decade ago

    I always think bout these stuff, lyk before seeing each other's pics bgad kont haganeeen :D

    anyways it depends, i've been told that i'm always excited so i have kinda loud voice, but when just talking u know byeb2a calm 3ady, and lamma bykoon fe baltaga fel mawdoo3, trust u dun wanna here that hahaa xD !!!!

    @Wolf: LOOOOOOOOL eeeeeh ya 3amo Deeeeeb ? =P, " la la la da ana ra2i2a 5ales 5ales (A) " <---- da ay kalam tneeny =D, bs i gotta agree lel 2asaf, yalahwi how did u know eh el ro3b daaaa xD !!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    OMG @ wolf !!!!!!!!!

    you have what i call a wide imagination!!! (you are sort of right about Eman G's voice haha)

    i can't just imagen voices :) my tone voice is high,i speak fast,i sound young or even my age "26" :)

    @ Mouni,, garee2!!?? asdek eh ya benty? hatwadeeny fe dahya LOL

    @ Wolf again, haha,, nvm lol ahy ebtadet tenadda3 lol

    @ Mouni,, i agree about hope's voice too!! your mommy but in a modern sweet way lol

    @ Mouni haha nvm ana kont bankoshek bas lol i'm not in a great mood anyway :S

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nice question ya nono... el le3ba el 7elwa lazem yet2al 3aleha 7elwa

    well.. I am surprised about Wolf's analysis... el gada3 dah me7'awy walla eh?

    LOL@Eman: about reiko "qal el faylasoof" ... fe3lan bas methaya2ly feeh shabah men faroo2 shoosha

    as for YOUR voice nono... well ... 7'alleha benna

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  • G. #2
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    No, I have never wondered how they sound like (voice).

    As for my voice, some people say I sound younger and some people say I sound older, fa..

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i sound younger like my frendz will confuse my phone wit my lil sis on the phone n ppl told me i sound like audrina from the hills but i dont think i talk like her

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  • 1 decade ago

    @ wolf:

    rofaya3 meen ya 3am el 7ag? dana souti zay el sa3ayda yhed gballll

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yessss alottt..every user has a figure in my head, his/her answer draw that pic plus some of his/her info about themselves,

    everyone have certain look, voice, style, shape of if i've known iam close and sometimes wrong...

    i think it happens involuntarily, without having hand in it!1

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