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Im a girl exchange student from Italy. American boys are driving me insane! A little help?

Hi everybody...please i need help:D im in this school in oregon since september. there is this boy that i really like(just because he is way hot). he is in 4 of my periods,at the beginning of school he used to stare at me a lot and then after some days he came and started talking to me and flirting and being annoying...everything in a soft way actually,like standing in front of me while i was walking in the hallway,squeezing my hips,staring at me till I finally look at him,kicking my foot under the desk and things like these. You know,just flirting.This lasted for about 2 and a half months without nothing new.He asked for my number and started texting me,not a lot,just like once every 10 days or something like that. Well,I started liking him so much,he is soooo freakin hot,but it's like one week that he is not talking to me anymore and flirting either. he's just ignoring me. i know that he doesn't have another girl,and i actually know that he thinks that im pretty hot cause he told me,sooo?! what's his problem? now in some lessons that we have together he just ignores me to talk with his best girlfriend. i mean,if u like me and im there,why are u talking with your friend?! and he used to talk to me a lot!! i dont know,this is too hard for me,i didnt even notice him till he started putting on me,and now that im like obsessed with him and i really wanna have something with him he is not thinking about me anymore. damn! im desperate,what should i do?!?just ignorning him? help please!! thanks america:)

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    well I was dating an exchange student from slovakia :(... WAS, we are on " a break" now. Anyways, if you want an actual relationship, i fear if you get TOO involved with each other it may hurt the both of you later when you must leave, or just cause problems like i experienced knowing the relationship has a guaranteed deadline. But if you want to give it a shot anyway (who knows you may be made for each other) guys are getting smarter (sorry to say) they find out what drives a girl crazy these days. He leads you on and then ignores you because he wants to keep you interested but he does not want to overdo it. He more than likely wants you to pursue him. He may like the sense of "power" if you will knowing he has you right where he wants you. Guys like this really piss me off because they get all the girls. Now I am 18 and definitely not gay. I want to help YOU even though i may be helping him to. If he really likes you then this is what you must do to get HIM to pursue YOU. You need to play hard to get and sort of ignore him when he does interact with you. Maybe even talk with some other guys (not necessarily flirting) This should make him feel like he is losing you (if he really does care enough for you) He should begin paying more attention to you and possibly ask you out. Just make sure you still play hard to get a little bit but still act interested. This draws guys in SO bad. A clingy girl (even when beautiful) is most likely to push a guy away.

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    I hope you get to read this in like 5 years. And have a nice hearty laugh. Youre freakin out now but lets be honest High School blows as far as "dating" goes. Youll probably find that in a month youll have "gone out" and broken up and he broke your heart bc he was sooo way way totally hottt. Then he'll be the douche you couldnt believe you dated and the cycle will start again. Is it really that much different in italy?

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    hot people are a dime a dozen in HS you had your shot to let him know that you you're diggn him, you snooze you lose, he's moved on.

    the whole fish in the sea thing . . .

    the only thing you can do is march up to him and ask him out. If he says yes then cool, if he says no well it's not like you talk to him a whole lot and you'd get to start crushing on someone new.

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    i do no longer think of he'd be talking to her on your computing gadget if he incredibly had to cover it. perhaps he have been given aggravating and interior the spur of the 2nd minimized it. Casually communicate it out with him. believe him and supply him the earnings of the doubt. enable him understand that that is okay for him to be mushy around you and that he does not ought to cover informal friendships with persons. do no longer say "whats up i think of that female likes you." you pick to furnish him the effect which you in basic terms think of of them as friends. do no longer instruct jealousy or he will end trusting you and start up hiding extra. adult males in no way choose their girlfriends to suspect them over something it is not occurring. And plus if she's a forex student, she must be going back quickly.

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    Girl up and start texting him. Ask him what he has planned for the weekend. This will show him that you have interest in him. If he still likes you, he will tell you what his plans are and then ask you to hang out with him.

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    Americans are douchebags anyway.

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