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I need help with an Essay on the movie Secret Window?

What is the irony in this film?

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    Here’s the ultimate irony of “Secret Window.” Shooter claims that Rainey changed the ending of his story, and his one demand is that Rainey fix it. After all, endings are the most important things. In a not-so-subtle way, the movie preaches that the ending of a story should be preserved and the highest crime against a writer is to change it.

    But here’s the catch. The movie “Secret Window” ends differently than the original Stephen King novella “Secret Window, Secret Garden.” Sure, this isn’t as shocking as “Project X” preaching about how wrong it is to abuse lab animals, then being found to have abused the trained chimps on set - but it still has a certain level of hypocrisy.

    However, the worst sin of omission in “Secret Window” is the removal of the fact that Rainey had actually plagiarized in the past. In the story, this is critical because it is the source of Rainey’s guilt - and arguably the reason for his success (it was his first accepted story, which inspired him to write further). Unfortunately, writer/director David Koepp felt it necessary to leave that out of the film as well as change the ending to a grimly weird resolution.

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    Well, it's ironic that he loves his wife so much, but he kills her. It's ironic that committing such heinous acts actually "straightens him out" and seems to make him sane again.

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