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What does this sound like? Sick from being out in the cold?

Now i already know this was dumb of me but here goes lol. Saturday i got out of work and rolled down my window driving home although it was very cold outside. It was only about 7 blocks away, but i decided to go cruising around town for about fifteen mins freezing with the window down. The next day i got a slight cough, and today my voice is very hoarse like im losing it, coughing, and aching, with congestion and a stuffy nose. what does it sound like?

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    Environmental temperature can not make you sick. It can weaken your immunity to common diseases, but the culprit is not the cold itself. You've either contracted a viral or bacterial infection.

    The aching aspect suggests a virus, as common bacterial infections do not usually cause achy joints or muscles. Your best course of action is to take a day or two off work, take some multi-vitamins and stool softeners, drink PLENTY of gatorade or slightly salted water, and wait for the achy to pass. If you have a low grade fever you are at a high risk for being infectious.

    Aside from the achiness, you have classic symptoms of a streptococcus infection (strep throat). If you think you can survive the journey you ought to see a doctor to do a culture and determine if you need antibiotics, otherwise 98% of illnesses will play themselves without serious problems even out without treatment. It really isn't worth the risk to ignore it though, because there are some very resistant strains out there. See a doctor if it's at all possible.

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    A coincidence. You caught a cold virus from somebody, anywhere from 2-5 days ago.

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