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BJJ vs. Judo which is better?

Okay you hear arguments on both sides and I know BJJ roots are in Judo but they infesis on different things so I want to know which is best in sport, on the street, to mix with other MA, against each other (no human variable just what would happen if they were on the same level) and all around best MA, please give me your opinons and expetrs answers, thank you.

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    Neither is better. Contrary to what some will say in judo you do learn to fight from your back. That depend on the instructor. No martial art is better than another. Yes we are prejudiced to what we have learned. Most people are. Some of us are intelligent enough to know that every style has much to offer and that no one style is better than another. That is like saying what is the best color. My favorite color is blue, but it is not better than red, yellow, or green. I just prefer blue. You will do well to find which dojo has the best instructor. That is where you will learn the most and help make you into the best artist that you can be.

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    I would choose BJJ for groundwork. It could be slightly true in a way that BJJ did burrow most of its techniques from Judo, however, the main thing it burrowed is leverage, therefore BJJ techniques are modified from judo techniques and different. BJJ does train more on the matt, it is a ground fighting martial art after all. As whether judo is useful, it depends. If you want some good standing grappling, judo is a good choice, but if you want it for groundwork, then you can burrow some techniques, if you tried it and they work for you. Nevertheless, judo has great ground techniques, but you may not personally find all of them useful, maybe just selecting a few techniques that you can succesfully use is more important than training the entire art. Judo has a ne-waza that is quite good. However, in most schools which are IJF oriented, the rules mean that stand up work is more emphasised, therefore it is rare to actually do a lot of ne-waza in judo schools. Overall, judo is a good stand up system, but if you're really looking for good ground fighting, I'd say BJJ is more specialised, because it is simply fought on the ground, you don't really see judo people fighting a long time on the ground in competitions and training, just like you don't really see BJJ practitioners spending ages trying to take each other down or do a throw before ground work.

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    Most of the techniques found in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) were being practiced in Japan prior to World War II by Kosen Judo practitioners. Also, a lot of the submissions in BJJ were pulled out of old Kosen Judo tapes or taken from Kodokan Judo.

    BJJ is basically Kosen & Kodokan Judo further developed on the ground, but Kosen Judo has already proven efficient on the ground, take Masahiko Kimura vs. Helio Gracie for example.

    On the mat, both BJJ and Judo are great systems to work from stand up to ground. On the street, I'd personally rather throw someone on the pavement and end it right there with strikes or a strangle.

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    I think they mesh together better then they do going against one another. BJJ came from Judo, and Judo came from Jujutsu. They are interlinked in some way. I think they are both pretty equal on the street. I think they are both very useful. I think you should try doing both.

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    They are both closely contested. You wouldn't go wrong taking either one. But, you asked for one or the other.

    Best in Sport: Brazillian JiuJitsu.

    BJJ tends to take Judo in sport matches. You can look up the results on YouTube. Judo does win from time to time though. But, generally, it is played by BJJ rules and Judo is at a disadvantage. BJJ just has a better groundgame than Judo. BJJ players spend a lot of time on the ground so, they can last a long time on the ground if need be. Judo only has a relatively short time on the ground in Judo contests. BJJ also has more submissions than Judo. BJJ has leg locks for one thing, they also are far better in the guard position also.

    Best in the Street: Judo.

    I would say Judo because it is the master of throws. You can grab someone and slam them with a Judo throw and that may be the end of the fight. BJJ has throws and takedowns but, they aren't as practiced and they don't practice as many variations as Judo. Judo also ingrains the idea in you of having a quick ground game. So, if you get a guy on the ground instinctively you work fast to get the submission. In Judo contests they have that short time on the ground so they work fast to get a submission. BJJ takes their sweet time on the ground for a submission mostly. So, that's why Judo is a tad better on the street than BJJ.

    Best to Mix with other MA: BJJ

    BJJ fits right in with several martial arts because of their heavy focus on the ground game. There are several martial arts that are very weak or have nothing in the ground department like: Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Muay Thai, Aikido, etcetra. So, BJJ's heavy emphasis of ground work will work just great with those martial arts and any others that don't have a good ground game. Judo's fine too but, it's main thing is it's throws. Some arts that are mainly stand-up striking still have throws and sweeps like: Karate, Aikido, Kung-Fu, and Tae Kwon Do. Judo's inferior ground game to BJJ's just makes BJJ's ground game more important for those other martial arts to mix with.

    All around best MA: BJJ.

    I say BJJ because they may teach strikes to go along with the grappling. Judo rarely teaches it's striking game. BJJ's striking is practical oriented and meant for the street. It also has the extra submissions and the best ground game of the two.

    So, BJJ wins in most of the categories in my opinion. But, you really wouldn't go wrong taking Judo either. I would say if you don't mind BJJ's heavy ground grappling, then, yes, take BJJ. But, if you don't like to roll on the ground for minutes on end (which I don't. I hate ground grappling. It's very claustraphobic at times) then Judo would be a better choice. But, BJJ has a lot of great things if you can get in it and enjoy it.

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    Depends . . .

    Judo - throws

    BJJ - reversing and ground work

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    Here's a list of Judo techniques:

    Throwing Techniques:


    a.Hand Throws

    b.Hip Throws

    c.Foot Throws


    a.Back Sacrifices

    b.Side Sacrifices

    Grappling Techniques:

    1.Turtle Turnovers:





    2.Pins & Matholds

    3.Chokes & Strangles

    4.Joint Locks:




    d.Forbidden Techniques

    Striking Techniques:


    a.Finger Strikes

    b.Hand Edge Strikes

    c.Fist Strikes

    d.Elbow Strikes


    a.Knee Strikes

    b.Ball of Foot Strikes

    c.Heel Strikes


    1.Throwing Forms

    2.Grappling Forms

    3.Forms of Defense

    4.Kodokan Judo Self Defense

    5.Forms of Suppleness

    6.Forms of Five

    7.Ancient Forms

    8.Forms of Counters

    Blocks & Parries



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    There almost the Same


    In BJJ they teach/ emphasize on ground work from the begining and teach throws, takedowns etc in advance levels

    In judo its the opposite, more about throws, takedowns and teach ground work in advance levels

    BJJ emphasizes more on ground while Judo more on stand up

    But teach the same

    Techniques etc

    Just at different levels

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    Judo means "the gentle way".and is a good sport and exercise giver.All Martial Arts were meant as a basis of enlightenment,health,physical and mental strength,speed, flexibility and agility,the fighting abilities a mere adjunct, but necessary in the time when most of these forms were first introduced.You will never find anyone who could agree to which one is the best,so try one or two forms and stick to the one in which you feel the most comfortable.

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    For self defense I think BJJ is better just in the fact that you will have the skills not only to take somebody down, but you will also be able to work off your back when you are taking down witch in most self defense situations is the case.

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