What are the differences between King James' version of the Bible and the Catholic version of the Bible?


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    Catholics include the apocrypha in their Bible and protestants do not. there could be other differences, but that's what difference i'm aware of. it is believed by Bible historians that the apocrypha is not the inspired word of God, and therefore it was not included in the protestant Bible. it is my understanding that the apocrypha is where Catholics get their beliefs in regard to purgatory, Mary's ascension, praying to saints, etc. that's why Catholics believe in those things and protestants do not--different Bibles.

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    Catholics and Protestants use the same New Testament books. The difference is in the Old Testament. Basically, the Catholics include some books which are considered apocryphal by Protestants. The Catholic Old Testament is based upon the Septuagint which was a Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures that started about 3rd century B.C. The Septuagint included some books and writings that were not part of the traditional Hebrew scripture, and still are not. Their authenticity is questionable, and they have many chronological and historical errors. Protestants do not use the Apocrypha as part of the Bible. Additionally, Jesus and his disciples did not use the apocryphal books.

    That the original 1611 edition of the King James Version included the Apocrypha is a historical fact; however, that doesn't mean that the translators considered them canonical. You may find this site interesting:


    I hope this helps.

    God bless.

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    The King James Version never took out any books of the Bible, it was the Roman Catholic church that added some extra books in - books that were never part of the Jewish Old Testament canon and which were never ever quoted from by Jesus or the Apostles.

    The extra books known as the Apocrypha were not even officially accepted by the Catholic Church until the year 1546AD at the Council of Trent.

    The reason the Catholic church was keen to recognise these extra books was because they lent support to Catholic teachings which could not be found anywhere in Scripture. Some of the unscriptural Catholic doctrines supported by the Apocrypha are:

    Purgatory - II Maccabees 12:39-45 and Salvation by Almsgiving - Ecclesiasticus 3:30

    Other unbiblical things found in the Apocryphal books are the justification of suicide (II Maccabees 14:43-46), slavery and cruelty (Ecclesiasticus 33:24-28), and reincarnation (Wisdom of Solomon 8:19-20). Lying, assassination and magical incantations are also approved. Those things are clearly against even Catholic teachings and are not promoted by the church even though they are in these same books the church says should be an official part of the Bible!

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    Well the king James version has a concordance with it. If you dont know what that is it is a book with all the words of the king James bible and it takes you back to the original Hebrew and Greek words and there definition. So sometimes if you are reading the King James some words were translated incorrectly, the translators put their own words in, maybe because they really couldnt believe God was saying what He was saying. So if you go back to the original you will see they changed a word here and there. Like someone just said you cant read the bible you have to study it. You can also look up this question on the internet.

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    Pretty similar the translation are a bit different the major difference is that there are I think 8 books missing from the old testament of the King James Version

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    N/a has it backwards. The King James Bible(original version of the Protestant versions of the Bible) removed scripture that the Protestants at that time believed to be unreliable: Several books and half of the book of Ruth. That is why Catholics believe in purgatory and most protestants do not(only one example of many differences).

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    In addition to the 3,500+ translational errors in the King James Bible, it is missing 7 books of the Old Testament, removed in the 16th Century by Martin Luther after being used by every Christian on earth for 1,200 years. If Luther had his way it would be missing 10 books, because Luther fully intended to trash 3 New Testament books as well. Only the vehement objection of his own followers prevented him from trashing the writings of the apostles.

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    The Catholic Bible was Divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit, the KJV was commissioned by a King. A King who's wife Converted to Catholicism, a King who was a Homosexual..... and lets not forget he was a King.....would you trust a George Bush or Obama Bible?

    And it was Martin Luther that removed books from the bible, Catholics didnt put anything that God didnt tell them to Put in.

    Peace be with you

    <<<Devout Catholic>>>

    Source(s): . If Catholics added the 7 books that the Protestant bible doesnt have then why do those 7 books appear in the Greek OT and the Dead Sea Scrolls that even predate the Catholic Church?????
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    The KJV has 7 books taken out, various verses taken out, and words changed slightly to help fit the Protestant doctrine.

    The Catholic versions are closer to the original Greek without all the editing and we have the 7 books that Luther decided to take out.

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    catholics take stuff out they dont want to believe reply if you need any more answers of anything.

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