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When was Hormone Replacement Therapy introduced?

what year did this treatment become available?

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    Here is the history of HRT (Hormone Replacement Theraphy) -

    Brown-Sequard (1889) is credited with pioneering the concept of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). He reported the rejuvenating effects of injections of testicular extracts, and postulated that ovarian extract would have the same effect.

    Two years later Murray developed the first effective form of HRT when he administered oral thyroid gland to treat myxoedema. The first three clinical trials of dried or fresh ovarian tissue to treat climateric symptoms were published in 1896, and in 1912 Adler produced the changes of oestrus by injecting watery extracts of ovary into virgin animals. However, it was not until 1923 that Allen and Doisy isolated the ovarian hormone oestrogen.

    The first commercial preparations of HRT were based on the work of Zondek and Laquer and became available in 1926. Premarin, derived from pregnant mares' urine, was introduced in 1943 and is probably still the most widely used preparation. The publication of Feminine Forever in 1966 brought HRT to the attention of the public, with many demanding that it should be a NHS benefit. General practitioners were initially divided, with some prescribing it enthusiastically and others being completely dismissive.-

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    the present scientific thinking is that a woman could be on HRT for alleviation of menopause indicators for as wanting time as available, ideally no greater desirable than three hundred and sixty 5 days. Longer than that and the hazards boost. communicate it over jointly with your physician. There are the two negative aspects and advantages. you ought to come back to a selection if the advantages are very well worth the hazards.

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