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what kind of jobs are there where one can work on a boat in some capacity besides the military or fishermen?

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    Out here in the Gulf of Mexico you can get on with any number of companies they typically have AB's (Able Bodied Seamen), motormen, assistant capt and captain.

    There are crew boats that shuttle people to and from the rigs and there are work boats that shuttle supplies. There are jack-up supply boats that bring materials to some of the production rigs.

    There are tugs which usually push barges up and down the coast and up the Mississippi River.

    There are also diving companies and there are ROV companies and there are companies that do survey work.

    Then there is oil field work as well. The oilfield can encompass just about any type of work that anyone can do. For a few possibilities just check out some of these listings http://rigzone.com/jobs/search_jobs.asp scroll down to the bottom of the page and browse through the categories.

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    Have you tried the Merchant Marine?

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    you mean like cruise ships?? like chefs or housekeeping or entertainment or captain or body guard or .. bartender...etc..

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