ayy so im 12 year old vocal artist carley kress. I olny have one well major problem, my range?

so im olny 12 years old. My names Carley Kress you prbly never heard of me (sigh) but im working on building my fane base. i have a problem with my range that i can hit a high note to save my life. so iv ben looking for wormups and excersizes to help that. also id like to get a more powerfull voice to. anyone no any wormups/accersizes that may halp id be verry happ with anyones anser, k thanks (=

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Work on some classical music to develop the range. I would recommend Italian, as the language has one of the easiest sounds to handle. As for warmups, one of my simplest standards is (with the right hand on the piano on c) 1 being the thumb. Progress up with the exercise as far as your range comfortably permits and then go a little bit further. You you use just about any syllables that you want.

    Source(s): Personal experience. My instructors.
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