Video Resolution of downloaded clips?

When I'm downloading clips or movies or whatever onto my computer, I have the option to change the video resolution of the clip and I'm given several ### x ### choices. I have no idea what this means and I'm not sure how to decide. When I transfer the clips to a DVD, I want them to play on the majority of the TV screen. Could someone please give me some advice on which to choose or how to determine what I need? Thanks so much! I choose best answer! :)

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    Televisions are of the following resolutions:

    SDTV: 480i (NTSC uses an analog system of 486i split into two interlaced fields of 243 lines)

    SDTV: 576i (PAL, 720×576 split into two interlaced fields of 288 lines)

    EDTV: 480p (720×480 progressive scan)

    EDTV: 576p (720×576 progressive scan)

    HDTV: 720p (1280×720 progressive scan)

    HDTV: 1080i (1920×1080 split into two interlaced fields of 540 lines)

    HDTV: 1080p (1920×1080 progressive scan)

    ( The higher the resolution the more space it requires)

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    5 years ago

    For starters, youtube and internet videos are usually that that good of quality to begin with. Keep in mind that burning a dvd is probably going to give better quality than a video cd, and that avi is one of the higher quality formats.

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