36 weeks, 3 days pregnant, and possibly leaking amniotic fluid?

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So, last night I was sitting at the kitchen table when I suddenly started feeling like I was peeing my self. Not a lot, just a trickle. I went to the bathroom and my pad was very wet. ...show more
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As icky as it is to think of what you are experiencing is actually urine trapped in your vaginal cavity. As you dilate for the big day your area down there becomes very different and part of that difference are little pockets. I went to my dr several times thinking I had a leak, but it was just pools of urine. My dr. recommended rocking back and forth on the toilet after I pee to try and minimize these pockets.

The test done for amniotic fluid is very precise and incapable of being messed up. They swab your vaginal cavity and then they take that fluid and dry it on a microscope slide. If it is amniotic fluid a pattern like ferns over lapping dries in the crystals, if they didn't see any ferns then it isn't amniotic fluid.

Always good to check though! The other check is if your pad completely fills up in 1 hour, and I mean fills to the brim wet to the touch. You would be amazed how much amniotic fluid you have. Just sit tight, try and get some rest and make sure the baby stuff is washed and ready, you will probably deliver in about 2 weeks if you are having dilating contractions. At 36 weeks they will not stop your preterm labor, your baby is developed enough to survive.

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Thanks for your answer.
I went back to L&D the next day b/c it hadn't stopped. Got tested again & found out I am leaking AF, it was just in such small amounts that it was difclt to detect. They gave me an antibiotic and told me to come back if contracts get strong of if I filled a pad in 1 hour.
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  • katsura3568 answered 4 years ago
    My first thought was that your water broke, but since that has been disproven, I, too, was going to suggest urine leakage.

    Isn't pg fun? *LOL*
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  • ♥Riyen's Mom & Ayah due 4.12 answered 4 years ago
    Well you did the right thing by calling your doctor, I can't stand when women ask these questions and don't go to the ER right away. With that being said, your baby must be laying on your bladder which will cause little trickles during late pregnancy if the position is just right. The antibiotic will help you from getting an infection if in fact your water did break, but generally you go into labor within 24 hours after your water breaks. Don't EVER feel silly for going back in if you feel like something isn't right or you just have that gut feeling it isn't pee. I would say go in if you start feeling ANY contractions that are strong or uncomfortable since you could have been losing fluids.

    Good luck , you're definitely progressing and that is a GREAT thing! Hang in there momma!
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  • blueyzgrey answered 4 years ago
    the contractions along with baby putting pressure on you may be causing urine leakage...happens to alot of women in pregnancy and really nothing you can do besides try and practice kegel exercise but not sure if it will in this instance as labor seems near if you are dilating.....most likelyif they swabbed you there would have been some trace if it was amniotic fluid......doesnt sound like you have too much longer though! good luck!
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  • Christina answered 4 years ago
    the baby is pushing on your bladder inside...while you may not think it is urine..it may be..especially since you say it happens when you lean forward (putting more pressure on your bladder). otherwise, my dr said it could be pooled vaginal secretions that trickle down at times. if they say it is not amniotic fluid, i would not worry too much. go back in if it gets worse (more fluid coming down, like a tablespoon at a time).

    sounds like you are in prelabor or early labor..you are having small contractions that are definately dialating your cervix! that is great..you should be seeing your new baby soon! :-)


    mother of 2 with 1 on the way
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  • my princess is here (12/21/09) answered 4 years ago
    it sounds like it is just urine. im 37wks and 2days and i tend to leak urine some times...
    lastnight i thought i was leaking amniotic fluid i went to use the bathroom and when i thought i was done some more drops came out then again then again lol

    but he finally stopped when i went back to lay down

    congrats gurly!!!!!
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  • EmeJaye answered 4 years ago
    I had that too and went to the hospital 3 days in a row with contractions and leakiness. It wasn't A.F. they tested me too several times as well. The swab test they do detects any A.F. fluid even the smallest hint they'll be able to tell. But if you are dialating and having contractions that could be the baby saying he's trying to come out already and its still a little early. They would stop the contractions with rehydrating you and if it still doesn't stop Terbutaline shots. They had to stop my labor for a week before they said ok we're just gonna have to take the baby. He was born at 35 weeks and had to be taken to the NICU for a few weeks but he's a completely healthy 15 month old now. But I wouldn't worry about leaking the fluid. But Congrats on the upcoming New Bundle!
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