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I have Microsoft Office, but not Microsoft Access?

I have Excel, Powerpoint, Word, and OneNote. I don't use Microsoft Access, but I want to practice it for my new job so I want to know if there is a way I can get Microsoft Access, without having to re-download Microsoft Office??


thank you all for the answers. I do have the home edition. I am starting a clerical position at a hospital and from what I've heard, MS Access is used. Even though I know of ppl who work their and have no knowledge of MS Access, I want to be safe than sorry...and I will try that openoffice site..thx

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    You can buy a copy of MS Access at the reduced "upgrade" price because you already have Office (it's legit, isn't it?) Check out this URL for details about both getting a single piece of Office and qualifying for the upgrade price:

    Hope that helps.

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    The versions of office with Access are much more expensive than the home version that you apparently have.

    A couple of options:

    1. Go to the microsoft website and download the beta version of Office 2010

    2. Download openoffice ( and work with their database, which will work with Microsoft file formats

    In both cases, commands, look and feel will be somewhat different.

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    You will have to get Microsoft Professional to get MS Access. However, it is quiet costly to get the Professional version.

    If you have never worked in MS Access it can be a very hard thing to learn and most corporations do not use Access due to its difficulty. So I wouldn’t worry to much about not knowing how to use it.

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    Yeah that's a tough one. I believe you can purchase just MS Access. If it is a known requirement for your new job it might be worth it. It really is a personal database tool, meant to be used by one person at a time. Some companies try to use it as a common database instead of getting MS SQL for example. Using Access as a multi user database can be a nightmare.

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    You have got the wrong edition of Microsoft Office. There are several different ones. Check the Microsoft website

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    Jim is right. You have the wrong version. I believe the version you may have is Home or Standard (which doesn't come with Access), and the version that has Access is Professional or higher. So I'm pretty sure you have one of the other versions.

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