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What opportunities are there for Sports Science graduates in the film indstry?

I am planning to go to university next year to study Sport Science. I have always enjoyed this subject area, however i have a passion to work in the film industry. If i study this, will it close doors to working in film? What opportunities are there for me to work in the film industry with a Sports Science degree?


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    Perhaps in a limited way - such as fitness training actors.

    Lou Ferrigno for example has trained many stars.

    Arnold became an actor and governor - but not because of a "degree" - more because of his perfect physique and massive steroid use!

    I found this:

    A sports science degree will grant you access to both the sport and leisure and the education sectors. Both offer huge opportunities, the health and fitness industry alone has plenty of potential for your skills. Whichever sector you decide to pursue, be sure to build on your management and leadership qualities – you’ll be needing them.

    Becoming a fitness instructor or personal trainer is an attractive prospect, especially if you are a health nut, as you will be working in an environment that suits you. Depending on your specific degree, you may need to take additional qualifications (such as REPS) to start out. This is a profession for self starters and tends to be in the private sector - within a health-centre/club - or in the public sector - within recreational facilities/sport centres. Initial access to a large potential client base is paramount to success and therefore it is important that you have the drive to continually promote your services. You could choose to be freelance, but that requires a lot of networking.

    Sports coaching and consulting roles are also prime areas where your degree will prove beneficial. Sports development officer and outdoor pursuits positions are available - they often involve working to organise events and activities for the benefit of particular groups within a community such as the elderly, disabled, and youth groups.

    Perhaps you want a less physically demanding role. Although it requires more qualifications, a sports therapist position may be suitable to rehabilitate athletes back to health. Similarly, expect to go back to the classroom to become a sports psychologist focusing on the mental, rather than the physical, processes that create winning teams, coaches and athletes. Working in nutrition and health promotion are other options to consider.

    To get involved in the education sector, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) to teach Physical Education is the most popular way in. With further study, you could even become a university or higher education lecturer in sports/management science.

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