What is the part of a specific song that you love the most?

for me it is

Artist: Muhammad Mounir.

Album: Ahmar Shafayef.

Song: Horreya.


Shafayfek lama btetnahhed, ana bastash'hed, ana bastash'hed

w ba3ish fi ennar, a3ish fi ennar.

3yunek lama btetlaffet, ana batfatfet, ana batfatfet

Mal7a2sh a7tar, mal7a2sh a7tar

In English:

When your lips are sighing, am dying, am dying

and live in hell.

When ur eyes are turning, am crumblin', am crumblin'

cant even spell.

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    1 decade ago
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    @ESD: I hate Kanye! Hahaha


    Artist: Ramy Sabry

    Album: IDK LOL

    Song: Ba7ibik ya Omy

    بحبك ياامى حنانك فى دمى ونورك فى قلبى

    وليكى فيا كل شئ

    اعيشلك سنينى واشيلك فى عينى

    رضاكى عليا وحده نورلى الطريق

    اانا بحمد ربنا ادانى ام حنينة

    جواها طيبة وفيها حب ميتنهيش

    ياامى اطلبى عيشتيلى عمرك تتعبى

    وانا عمرى كله جمب حبك مايسويش


    i love you mother eyour affection in my bloood and your light is in my heart

    and you have every thing in me(you owe me everything)

    i live for you my years and i carry you in my eyes

    your satisfaction about me enlighten my path

    i thank god he gave me such a tender mother

    in here there is goodness and in here there is endless love

    oh mother,ask for anythig ,you lived your life in tiredness

    and me,being next to your love all my life doesn't equal anything in the world

    Source(s): egyptian brains :D
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  • 1 decade ago

    Artists: Black Eyed Peas

    Song: Where is the Love

    I sooo love this song because everytime I listen to it I want to cry. It's so true and I want to change the world someday. I know im very optimistic, but Im so determined to accomplish that.

    Anyway my favorite part is:

    I love the whole song, but here's the part.

    I feel the weight of the world on my shoulder

    As I'm gettin' older, y'all, people gets colder

    Most of us only care about money makin'

    Selfishness got us followin' our wrong direction

    Wrong information always shown by the media

    Negative images is the main criteria

    Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria

    Kids wanna act like what they see in the cinema

    Yo', whatever happened to the values of humanity

    Whatever happened to the fairness in equality

    Instead of spreading love we're spreading animosity

    Lack of understanding, leading lives away from unity

    That's the reason why sometimes I'm feelin' under

    That's the reason why sometimes I'm feelin' down

    There's no wonder why sometimes I'm feelin' under

    Gotta keep my faith alive till love is found

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  • 1 decade ago

    Artist: Amr Diab

    Album: Wayah

    Song: Yehmak fe eh


    meen elly 2odamy da wa7ed ma3rfosh

    maba2etsh akhaf 3aleeh asebo aw agra7o

    3osha2 kteer et2ablo 3ady w makamlosh

    w ah kol wa7ed ye3mel elly yeraya7o

    In English:

    who is this one am standing with .. this is someone i don't know ...

    i became not sorry to leave or hurt him

    Many lovers met b4 and didn't go on

    and everyone make what ever he wants

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  • 1 decade ago

    Golddigger, by Kanye West

    I like the beginning cuz its based on an old Ray Charles song

    "she take my moneeeeeeeeeeyy, when I'm in neeed....yeah she's a trifling friend indeeed...ohhh she's a gold digger, way over town...that digs on me.."

    also some of the lines are funny and smart

    "18 years, 18 years, got one of your kids got you for 18 years, I know someone still payin child support for one of her kids, baby momma's car n crib is bigger than his. You a see him on TV any given sunday, win the Super Bowl and drive off in a hyundai"

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  • 1 decade ago


    Singer: Elissa

    Favorite part:3ayshalak a7la sneen

    fil 3omry ya dayy el 3ain

    wa bi alby ya ghaly 7aneen

    wi gharam min awwel youm fi hawak

    kan 7elmy akoun wayak

    law youm min 3omry ma3ak

    wa kteer wana batmannak ya 7abibi

    el alb we bastannak

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  • Artist: Tamer Ashour

    Song:Kol Youm

    Couplet: yama te3bet ma3ak ahwak, we egre7 alby we yeba2a ma3ak

    sebt 7ayaty we 3omry fadak, geet we bewagehek we enta herebt

    ahreb mahma teroo7 le be3eed, lazem albak yeba2a wa7eed...

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  • justme
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    1 decade ago

    i love the lines from this song. its love rain by jill scott

    I said,"You are beautiful,distress of mathematics."

    I said,"For you, I would peel open the clouds like new fruit."

    And give you lightning and thunder as dowry

    I would make the sky shed all of its stars like rain

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    from Elissa's song "Law ma tijy"

    when she says: We b2eedak t-hezz el 3'afa .. it's very expressing

    (el 3'afa mesh el 2afa)

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