Can Someone With Pokemon Platinum Help Me Please.. ?? pleasee helppp !! , x?

Well first i will explain how and what ive done on pokemon, that i think is inportant..

1) i met the prof. and got pokemon and everything.. and soo on

2) i get to jubilife city and find the 3 clowns and all.. and i met the under cover cop

3) get to floarma town , and beat team galatic

4) get to oreburgh city , beat the gym leader and moved on to eterna city.. (i think this is where i got HM rocksmash..)

5) get my gym badge , get HM cut (i think) , and i met cynthia and everything.. also got a bike

6) eventually get to heartrome city. i beat the gym leader and go in the contest hall for a competition , i lost. :) x

here is where the problem starts;

wen u go between towns there are those lilttle buildings that are organge with windows and a town map, well i come out of the one from the left and under me there is another one, and according to the map it takes me down route 212 and on to pastoria city . but i enter the builiding and go to the exit and there is a camara man and a tv host. and there saying there filming , so fine ok.

i go out the way i cam and into heartrome city , i do a contest nd beat gym leader and as i left the gym i went down and insted of going left i went right , and there was a organeg building again.. but as i go to it, there is a hiker and he talks about egg hatchings and his friend prof. elm. and im like umm okayy ?? , so then i go upto the organge building and there is another hiker and a dude stnading in the way of he entrance im like MOVE IDIOTS , and they say stuff like they found a egg in the day care center (like i care..) , and they dont move ,

im bored of being stuck with the towns i have at the moment ... so how do i get the tv people and the hikers to move??

(btw before in eterna city i beat team galatic again , and then cynthia gave me a egg , then i went to bike shop got a bike and egg hatched .)

so what do i doo ??

i want to get to the cities PAST hearthrome cityy :S , please helpp !! :))

** Merry Xmas ** :) x

btw my email is: - please answer my question on yahoo answerss, ,, or email me the answers :)

- thanks ,

keisha xxxx

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    uhhh i believe from memory you go back to the other hiker i dont rwealy know sorry i'll figure it out

    try youtube videos

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