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I am so depressed. I feel so sad right now. Help?

I am suffering horrible depression , and it's been slowly eating me alive since 2005.. I moved to a town and the first day I started school, kids told me I couldnt play w/ them. Its messed with me ever since, and its only gotten worse. I've gotten into trouble with Probation for missing a lot of school, because being around kids at school makes me feel HORRIBLE.. I am so depressed. I lock myself in the room in the dark and cry while listening to Answer by sarah mchlachlan or Mad world by gary Jules(if you've heard those songs, you know how depressing it is) which makes me cry even more but it makes me feel good because I relate to them... I find myself through music or computer games only, otherwise, everything I used to love is not an interest of mine. I used to play flute, have friends, be close with my family, love to go out, swim, now... nothing. I just feel like crying all the time. Ive become a mess. overweight. terrible. I miss myself. I have not seen a counsellor, and i think i should, and get a medication....quick. Please help me, with just a simple answer.....dying slowly here..... :(

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    You must have moved into an entirely different environment with some very cliquey peers who obviously have never given you a chance to belong. Can't blame you for feeling down about this, especially after suffering for such a long time. Now is the time, however, to do something about it and stop suffering. By all means, start seeing a good therapist, and you may need medication temporarily to help you get back to being what you want to be.

    That's the simple answer, but taking action on it will be hard for you for a while. Is there anywhere in your community you can get involved in activities that do not involve the kids at school? Do you have any interests that you could volunteer for, say in a hospital or at a community center that would put you into contact with others who will be more accepting of who you are? If I were you, I'd start looking around for options like those. You obviously have an interest in music, and the two songs you mentioned I find to be quite different from each other. When you interpret, try first only to think of the positive aspects of each to put you into a more positive mind frame. Sarah's song when I listened to it could be one of hope, faith, and never giving up in trying to find yourself. Gary's song, although the melody is very sad, is one that I see as a message to people to look around, see what's going on in the world, and work to change it by doing something positive.

    Your life is what you envision it to be. Forget about the negative aspects and don't let the horrible school situation rule your life. If you can learn to endure it (if you can't change to another school) and realize it will eventually be out of your life, you will be able to live with it for now. Good Luck.

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    tell your parents about it and ask them to move. if they will even think about doing something stupid like going to the head and talk to them then STOP THEM IN ANY WAY YOU CAN OR IT WILL BE WORSE. change school. dont listen to depresing music. listen to its not easy to be me or the fray or some rock songs or whatever youre into. though its not easy to be me is absolutely awesome ande has a very deep meaning.

    get some nice slothes, makeup and stuff and go out shopping, try to talk to new people, SOCIALIZE MORE.

    i lived in poland my whole life and i moved to england when i was 10 or 11 and went straight to yr 6. it was even worse for me cos even though i was an outcast i didnt know the language at all. i learned it quick though everyone thought that i was stupid so they talked about e even when i was there cos they thought i couldnt understand. i ddidnt understand everything they were saying but i picked up most words. i only started to have some friends when i went to yr7 and yr6 was a year of hell. i know how you feel. you can talk to someone. maybe you can call one of your old friends and talk to them? try to socialize or youll go crazy from the loneliness.

    and listen to its not easy to be me ♥

    good luck!

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    You need your self confidence back. Lose wieght, work out what you hate about you appearance and change the things you can i.e. be clean, dye your hair, wear makeup.. whatever makes you feel pretty and confident. Then force yourself to listen to happy music you like and try to get into it and think postive things about the future and what you could do to make it good. Then go out, to school or whereever and put a big smile on your face and pretend everything is fine in your world. If you camn convince other people youll eventually convince yourself. Trust, its worked for me and others. Everybody gets down. One of the worst things you can do is see a councillor, because then you'll start to think your something special and your misery is bigger and better than anyone elses. people around you will get bored of your constant selfpity. So big smiles and things will change . . They always do. Dont think your the only one because your really not.

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    I think you definitely need to see a psychiatrist, who is also a medical doctor and can prescribe medication for you.

    You do not deserve to be so stressed and unhappy.

    A counselor or psychologist is NOT able to prescribe medication, so cut to the chase and see a psychiatrist.

    Source(s): psychiatric hospital healthcare for 23 years now
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    you should see a counsoler ASAP if it gets too bad yahoo awnsers is not the place for you.

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