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military married to military - duty rotations?

my wife is at A school in the Navy and i'm leaving for Navy boot in May 2010. she is going to be on sea duty for the first three years. i've been told that since we have kids, our rotations will switch. when she's on sea duty i will be on port duty and vice vesa. does anyone know if that is true.

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    generally speaking that is how they TRY and manage it. depending on your ratings, however, that may not be possible, as some ratings are exclusively shore duty( CTI, CTN, any of the SeaBee ratings) and some are heavy on the sea duty(OS, EN, etc)

    'its called SHORE duty, BTW. Port is just where you tie up and it doiesn't have to be 'home'

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    You will not get special consideration just because you are dual military with kids. You can still deploy together as well. I'm surprised you got a waiver.

    Applicants wishing to enlist in the US Military, and are married to a military member can generally enlist without a waiver, as long as there are no children in the household. However, applicants should understand that there is no guarantee that they will be stationed at the same base as their spouse. For details, see my article about military couples.

    If there are children in the household, the applicant is disqualified for enlistment. The active duty services rarely waive this, while the reserve forces (Reserves and National Guard), often approve waivers, as long as the applicant can show a workable family care plan.

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    If you heard that from a recruiter, don't believe it. The military will place you where you are needed regardless of your circumstances.

    Source(s): Heartbreak Ridge
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