Any PC to mobile SMS app. for Windows mobile ?

Any PC to mobile SMS app. for Windows mobile ?

[ i want to install on my HTC PPC ] -

Please help me ?

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    1 decade ago
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    I needed to export hundreds of my text messages from a Windows Mobile phone so that they could be used as evidence in a legal proceeding that I had coming up. After searching all over the internet for some way to do this, I almost gave up and was actually prepared to re-type each message one at a time!

    Thankfully, before I gave up I found an application called Windows Mobile SMS Sync that did the work for me in less than a minute. The software generates a CSV file containing all of your text messages (incoming, outgoing, even drafts). You can open that CSV file in Microsoft Excel or you can use the Windows Mobile SMS Sync program to open the file on your desktop computer. The program lets you do all kinds of searching to filter the displayed text messages to the ones you would like to see. If you are technical, the application even has the ability to upload your text messages into a database; although I never tried that feature for myself.

    I recently purchased a new Windows Mobile 6.5 phone and wanted to move all my old text messages to the new phone. The application was also able to restore the text messages I had saved to my new phone without any issues. It placed them in the same folders and everything.

    A company called SynergeTech Solutions makes the software and you can download it from Windows Mobile SMS Sync saved me literally DAYS of work, so I would highly recommend it!


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