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Any advice or suggestions on OTR trucking companies...?

Which ones are decent? Seems several have some very negative information and my husband needs to get OTR experience. US Express and USA Truck are 2 we found very negative information about.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Companies during my 4 years which I have driven OTR for that were good:

    1.) J.B. Hunt Transportation - At the time I worked for them living in TX i was paid 41 cents per mile. I quit due to reasons which had nothing to do with the company. They run you 100% legal. No asking or expecting you to do illegal stuff, etc. I would work for them again.

    Companies during my 4 years which I have driven OTR for that were bad:

    1.) Arrow Trucking - They have absolutely no loads for regional. Which is what I was doing when I worked there. I got one load a week, and that was it. Usually only a 3-400 mile run at that and would sit for up to 5 days waiting for another load not getting paid anything. I talked to over the road drivers who said it was the same for them as well. If you dont have responsibilities then they would be good for you.

    2.) Swift Transportation- They run you legal, but dont pay worth a crud. Especially with you not having experience, they will try to send you with a trainer and pay you the least possible. Which I believe is .25 or .26 cents per mile.

    3.) Western Express Inc.- They will try to run you illegally. When you decline to run illegal they will make you sit as much as possible because you didnt take that load you didnt have the hours for. They also will b.s around on getting you home giving you short runs. As it gets closer to your hometime the miles get shorter and shorter. Like they want you to just skip your hometime and stay out longer. And they will try to dictate to you when you can take your earned time off. Which by the way rule of thumb with them and most any other company OTR is 1 day for each week out.

    Thats all the companies that I have driven OTR for. You can also go to and read about some companies there, drivers who drive for them to report kind of like a company dac report. That might be able to better help you with making the right choice. Of course almost every company somebody will have something bad to say. It is ultimately up to you as to what you believe and who you go with. JB Hunt was good to me, good choice. May be worst choice for you. Western was bad for me, may be excellent for you.

    Hope this helps you.

    Source(s): 4 years driving, and been OTR and local. I make more local. Piss on OTR.
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  • Mary
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Intermark transport is a refrigerated trucking company in Canada that allows for job applications online. I'm not really sure about driving in mountainous terrain though, but you should check it out.

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