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what do you think of joseph estrada running again in office?

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    I do not support the former President in his presidential campaign however I support his right to join the arena of politics again as part of his freedom in the country where democracy is the form of government. Under the 1987 Constitution, a President who served for four years as President cannot run for re-election. Former President Estrada's presidency served for only two and a half years and therefore he can run for the highest office once again without violation of the law.

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    you have an extremely sturdy words right here pardner asserting naming Joseph is a criminal, and that i've got an spectacular admire on your braveness for asserting it right here. i could be extra careful if I have been you. So it mentioned, a criminal. nicely, being a filipino like me Im happy with what i'm, that's my ancestry, that's the land the place i became born, that's the place I advance up so regardless what's happening interior the Philippines i'm nevertheless proud in my race and that i wont deny who rather am.

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    Rolling my eyes at this moment o_O

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    He wanted to prove something.

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    a total waste of everything

    a total bullshit

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    Total bullshit

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    just ignore it ;)

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    Jesus Christ ! Not again.

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    I pity him ....

    I guess he's not capable ...

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