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到外國留學 剛申請宿舍 說要透過電話進行面試


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    從來沒有聽聞入住宿舍要 telephone interview, which country you are going, What kind of University you appied? If that is the case they required interview (assumed you were admitted). They just want to find out your nationality, personality, what you like, what you don't like, they may just group the foreign student in one dormitory. If you were admitted, don't worry, one way or the other, they will find a roomate for you. Some foreign student own transportation (own a car), if that is the case, they may house you in a driving distance dormitory記著,driving distance可能開車三到五分鐘,步行要十至十五分鐘,.外國大学可以大到你想像不到,例如,University of Wisconsin-madison 要坐校巴穿梭,老友唔使大緊張,如果巳被取錄,你答乜都冇所謂,just relax, you are OK.

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