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小不點 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

幫翻譯 很難 這是有關於水產的

Stingrays are char-acterized by the presence of one to three mineralized

stingers (modified barbed spines) in the tail ,

which is covered by epidermal cells secreting venom

The exact localization of this tissue is controversial,

but it is known that it is preferentially located in

the stinger ventrolateral grooves

Because stingrays are commonly found in the sea or

river shores, hidden in the sand, they frequently

cause accidents, mainly in the feet and ankles, when

people step on them. Hands can also be affected,

mainly of fishermen when manipulating fishing

nets .

Accidents are caused by a defensive whip reflex

mechanism of the tail in which the stinger is

introduced into the aggressor, causing severe

mechanical injuries and, at the same time, liberating

the venom .

There is no specific serum therapy for these

accidents . The patients

face intense local pain, oedema and erythema.

Bacterial secondary infection is also common. In

addition, accidents involving freshwater stingrays

frequently cause a persistent cutaneous necrosis

, which is related to differences observed

in the biological activities of the venom of

marine and freshwater stingrays . Although the toxinology of stingrays is a

relevant subject due to the high frequency of

accidents, the literature about the morphology of

the venom apparatus of these animals is very scarce

In this paper, a comparative morphological

analysis of the stinger epidermal tissue of Brazilian

marine and freshwater stingrays of different species

was carried out in an attempt to verify characteristic

patterns in the distribution of venom secretory

epidermal cells in these two groups. The compara-

tive analysis of the results indicates significant

differences between the stingers of marine species

and freshwater species of the Potamotrygon genus.

These differences can justify the more severe

envenomation accidents caused by specimens be-

longing to this genus when compared with accidents

caused by the marine species.

請幫幫忙吧 我翻的亂糟糟呢! 只要翻出大概意思就好

PS 只是要翻成中文 老師講解會比較懂



雖然我有翻出來 可是整個就是怪 應該說湊不起來的感覺


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    Source(s): 曾經接觸過魟魚
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