Can you tell me about custom framing?

I ordered a print of a photo I took from deviantart. It is 9 x 12 in. I am going to frame it and give it to my parents for Christmas.

I have a custom framing store in mind, but I don't really know how it works, as I wasn't paying attention when I was last there.

What is the price range? Will the salespeople help me? What kinds of glass are there? How long will it take? Any information you could give me would be great, thanks so much!

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    the sales people will help you and will explain everything to you.

    the prices vary greatly by type of frame you pick, type of matting you pick (if any), whether or not you're doing archival framing, the type of glass used, and whether or not the framers at the shop are certified custom framers and whether or not the shop participates in a custom framing guild or professional organization for custom framers. your price range could be as cheap as $20 and as expensive as several hundred dollars.

    standard sizes and ready made frames cost the least. 9x12 is a standard size. If you want a mat, then 11x16 and 16x20 are the next 2 standard sizes up from 9x12.

    there is regular glass, non glare glass, plexiglas, and non glare plexiglass. the non glare glass is usually treated for blocking UV as is the plexiglass. regular glass is the cheapest. non glare glass is for something that will have a light shining on it or be in a sunny location. plexiglass is lighter than glass but it scratches very easily. plexiglass is usually used in large pieces where the weight of the glass would tear the frame apart. plexiglass is never used over pastel chalk pieces because the static electricity from the plastic will pull the chalk off of the paper.

    depending on how busy the store is, how much stock they keep on hand and whether or not they build their frames there or send out for them, they could complete your piece in a few hours to several weeks. the closer you get to the holiday the busier the store should be and the longer you will have to wait for your piece to be complete. (if the store isn't busy for the holiday season then they aren't very good at what they do.)

    Source(s): worked in frame shops through college. ran frame department for several galleries and museums.
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    Prints are typically framed with a set of mats to border the print. For a 9 x 12 print you would probably end up with a 15 x 18 inch frame size or there abouts. You have a choice of the size and color of the mat or mats. You can also choose between regular glass and glare free glass. I always get the glare free class because it lets you see the picture better in any light.

    The actual cost of the frame, glass and mats will vary depending of the frame material chosen. I would guess you can get a frame for somewhere between 50 and 150 dollars.

    Most frame or craft shops will help you choose both the mats and the frame material. The time it takes to get the frame made will vary depending on how busy the shop is but a week is not unusual.

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