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If a cell was a picnic basket, what could the organelles be?

i need help for an honors biology project (40 page paper w/ poster board and model), any help

the centrioles could be toothpicks bound together

the cell membrane could be a basket

lysosomes could be digestion pills

ribosomes could be peanuts

mitochondria could be carrots (any better ideas?)

the ER could be a fruit roll up

does anyone have any ideas for the golgi, microtubules, nucleus, nucleolus, or vesicles

could an apple, sandwich, or beverage be any of the above?

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    Mitochondia could be a power bar? or a redbull :) (give energy)

    Vesicles could be ziploc baggies with crumpled napkins in one (waste), and ... some "nutrient" (sugar?) in the other.

    For the nucleus... maybe you could make a little book that directs someone how to have the perfect picnic, and put the "book" in a little pouch of sorts.? :)

    My mnemonic for golgi bodies was "go UPS" - since it packages and ships out. Maybe you could include a pencil and a stamped envelope to send a letter about what a wonderful time you're having on our picnic... I know, that's ridiculous.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): My imagination
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