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are all hockey skates the same/similar?

just wondering if this is true, i have ccm vector 3.0. i have heard that ccms are hard to get use to and that baur are realy god skates? how r skates different, arent they like shoes, kinda? r there ones that can make u skate better or faster?

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    It a personal choice. It depends which brand you like better. You could find Bauer skates more comfortable than Mission. You can get faster skates like abec 9.

    You can skate fast by getting abec 9s and ones that fit you.

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    1 decade ago

    Lke shoes, different skate brands fit differently.

    Lighter skates make your movements faster but can break down quicker. In the end, the best way to be a better, faster skater is having proper technique and practising your skills.

    Source(s): Playing hockey close to 20 years and skated in many different skates, like CCM best
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