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What apparel I need to do mountain cycling, or I can wear regular apparel?

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    Cycling gear is good for cycling, because that's what it's designed for.

    I wear baggy cycling shorts, with liners that have cushioning in the seat area, and shirts, made from a breathable material, that give me room to move around, you don't want anything that might restrict your movement.

    I always wear a helmet and gloves, I never intend to fall off, but it can happen.

    For footwear, you need something that will grip the pedals, and have some grip for whenever you need to put your foot down on the tricky bits.

    If the weather is bad, then something to keep the rain out, and some warmth in, will be good, and in the winter I use waterproof socks, because I like to keep my feet warm.

    You can wear normal gear, but proper cycling gear will be more comfortable, and that will help you ride better.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    You can certainly start out using regular clothing, but don't be surprised if you get chafing and soreness where the seams rub.

    Cycling clothing helps keep you more comfortable by moving sweat away from your body.

    If you want to start with a small investment, try cycling shorts. The lycra helps support your muscles. Many baggy shorts include a lycra liner. And the pad in the center makes a big difference in comfort during and after the ride.

    Last but not least, a helmet. It's your head, but you only get one. Helmets are cheap, even a single trip to the ER isn't.

    Happy trails!

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    It depends on what type of mountain cycling you are doing. If you are downhilling, you definately need a full hemet and armor.

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