Have you ever wondered what the Star of Bethlehem was?

I saw a one hour DVD today, explaining the astronomical events that took place in the sky at the time of Jesus' birth. It also included events in the sky at the time of Jesus death. Learned much more than the theories I had heard of before. Check out the link below. (I have no financial interest in promoting this site)



The DVD says it wasnt a comet or just a single alignment of two planets. Much more compelling than that. Fascinating.

Update 2:

Thanks for the YouTube link Jeanmarie.

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    I had prayed & asked Jesus when His birthday really is. And then I heard about Star of Bethlehem DVD. So purchased that and now believe that Jesus was conceived in September, born in June, and the Magi finally found Jesus on Dec.24/25 because that is when the star stopped. Of course it wasn't called Christmas or December back then in BC. But that is what the time was according to what is written in the stars.

    Another interesting study is the lunar & solar eclipses that occur during some of Yahweh's Holy Feasts, Convocations, Sabbaths...

    I also have Mark Biltz DVDs on this.


    Also at Mark Biltz web site, is a link to watch the interview on this with Sid Roth.

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    Arthur C Clarke wrote a fantastic short story about it, called "The Star." Won the Hugo Award.

    I think you can find the text online. Well worth the read.

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    Seems likely it may have been a comet. A star would be stationary in the sky. A comet would move from night to night, allowing them to follow it to their destination.

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    No, records show it might of been two planets aliening in the night sky...

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    I already know, it's Sirius, the brightest star in the sky

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    Benjamin is the star of bethlehem... maybe I will check it out though.

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    i remeber hearing it was a meteor or something i can't remeber where that info came from though

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