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how good was wanderlei silva?

if you go back and watch his vale tudo fights on youtube

and his pride fights on say mmacore or other mma websites, you can see he was aggresive and destroyed guys with ease, and never looked in trouble..however a freind got me thinking, wanderlei was 31 and 5 with 1 draw and 1 no contenst at his end of prime...

However he did fight a bunch of undersized asian fighters

not to say these guys wouldnt wreck all of us its hard of a fight was Shungo Oyama,,Kiyoshi Tamura,Alexander Otsuka,,Hiromitsu Kanehara,, or tony petra, or todd media, these guys have terriable records, and are great fighters in the worlds population, however are not to great of fighters..if you were to have put liddell or rampage or shogun against these guys they would of destroyed them to...IN Wanderlei's prime prime, he won 17 fights in a row, with the biggest threat, being rampage jackson, when he was just all wrestling and and ground and pound, and Kazushi Sakuraba who has been k.o. 8 times, and than cro cop due to a draw when cro cop just came into mma and didnt know ground game..

I belive he was insanley good

but say take a prime rampage right know, who is know in his prime sense coming to UFC and getting a new trainer and keep his gnp style and countering more and learning to box better, against a prime wanderlei

or take a prime chuck not after rampage 2nd fight

against a prime wanderlei before wanderlei got k.o. 2 times by cro cop than hendo

no discredit to wanderlei

he almost beat mark hunt who' weighted 100 pounds more

and only lost due to a slight knock down


yeah but rampage was all gnp at the time he beat chuck he beat chuck cause of his takedowns, chuck wasent that great at sprawl then..he had trouble many times but evantually got chuck down in 2nd round and pounded on him

Rampage in the UFC sense coming has a better trainer

trains at wolfslair acadmey, with chieck kongo,. bisping and paul kelly,,rampage is stronger know., counters' and he countered wanderlei's aggresive wild swing, WANDERLEI IS a god and all but he never learned to fight defenslivy, and thats why chuck outstriked him, chucks straight punches hit before wild swings..

all the others guys i listed have bad records

look on wikipedia to

Kazushi Sakuraba, and old rampage were the best he beat in his undefeated streak of like 19 wins if you count draws..

and dan henderson

he refought dan and dan beat him up and k.o. 3rd round

it showed dan improved a ton and was a noob at the time before...Kazushi Sakuraba is also a grappler more so with 3 k.o. and 19 submissions wins

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    Uhm...a Sherdog record doesn't tell everything about a fighter. There is a fighter who has wins over guys like Martin Lazarov, Levon Lagvilava, Hiroya Takada, Mihail Apostolov, Ryushi Yanagisawa, Lee Hasdell, Yuji Nagata, Wagner da Conceicao Martins, and Hong Man Choi. How hard could these fights have been? Add to it that he constantly fought smaller men (at least 8 of his victories are against fighters who regularly fought at least one weight class lower than him) and he lost to a fighter with a with 18 losses...but he is still considered the best HW ever. I am talking about Fedor. It is easy to glance a fighters record but without actual context they mean nothing. You could do the same thing to Hughes or any great fighter and dismiss their talent.

    Wanderlei is one of the top 5 LHW's (Pride called them Mw's) to ever fight. After Wanderlei's loss to Tito Ortiz in the UFC on 4/14/2000, he did not lose another fight until 12/31/2004. During that run he went 16-0-1 and had 1 NC. Oh and that loss in 2004 was to a super-HW K-1 champion and was by split decision. He didn't lose to someone in his division until 8/28/2005. During that streak he beat Dan Henderson, Guy Metzger (one of the most underrated fighters of all-time), Rampage 2x, Yoshida (who won the Gold medal for Judo in the Olympics), and Sakuraba 3x. He was Pride's MW champion from 2001 until 2007.

    Have you seen the draw to Cro Cop? It was a special rules fight. Three minute rounds, no judges. The only way to win was stop your opponent. If neither fighter stopped the other it was ruled a draw. By the way CC is a weight class heavier that Silva.

    Do you have any idea who Skuraba is? At the time when Wanderlei fought him he was 12-2-1. His only losses were to Kimo who outweighed him by nearly 60 pounds in Sakuraba's first MMA fight ever and Igor Vovchanchyn, one of the all-time greats. Oh yeah, and Sakuraba had fought Royce Gracie for an hour and a half the same night he lost to Igor. Sakuraba is one of the all-time greats and a true innovator in the sport. He was the first person to ever defeat a Gracie in MMA. And he didn't just beat 1. He beat Royler, Royce, Renzo and Ryan all before he faced of against Wanderlei. In fact, Sakuraba was a favorite going into the fight. After losing to Wandy, Sakuraba still beat Rampage before he faced Wanderlei a 2nd time (which really marked the start of the decline in his career). Before Wanderlei, Sakuraba had never been KO'ed.

    Wanderlei was one of the best ever period. His loss to Chuck proves nothing other than an aging Chuck could beat a past-his-prime and aging Wanderlei. By the way that one dimensional Rampage is the same one that beat Chuck Liddell the first time they fought.

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    The above poster and the OP make very many good points.

    I think wandy is just out of his prime. I do believe that he was "that" good. If he wasn't he would not have steam rolled those jap fighters. If i remember correctly he also beat Iron head fujita.

    As long as he has been fighting I think his time is up. That is hard for me to say as a long time, die hard pride fan.

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    if wand was once in his high he would possess such a lot men and women his knees had been a lot more devistating than silvas any day simply watch him and rampage cross at it in satisfaction wanderlei owned.He might possess anderson

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