recovering from eating disorder...workign out?

so I am finally allowed to work out!!

30 minutes 3x a week

yesterday I jogged for 30 minutes

(low intensity work-outs is what I am allowed...jogging is allowed, but not sprinting)

what are some other low intensity work outs that I can do?

like stuff to get toned too

like sit ups or something...please make up a plan, like what I do and how many reps etc..

thank you, I am super grateful!


please star!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ik eating disorders im not lucky enough like u to recover but im working at it. for low intensity workouts get a workout video for toning your body my sister uses a denise austin video and its a really calm step by step . u can also maybe work with a trainer for healthy workout ideas and make a plan for your body.

    simple key excersises

    push ups

    sit ups

    donkey kicks

    ilfting weights for the arms

    bends which r holding weights and squatting

    If you have any questtions at all feel free 2 emaill me

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  • melgar
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    3 years ago

    Your physique will recuperate as quickly because it leaves your digestive gadget, definite meaning you're able to be able to desire to poop it out(I sound immature...). nicely, a human could desire to consume an equivalent quantity of meat AND culmination and vegetables. Sticking to purely will make you ill from no longer ingesting the cautioned different. however i comprehend that they have soy meat and such that furnish the protein needed for the human physique, so i assume the vegetarian/vegan nutrition regimen is powerful as long as you get some protein. nicely, undecided approximately your assertion how our digestive gadget isn't meant to consume meat yet: Our digestive gadget for some reason can no longer digest beans or something, which reasons gas, yet we consume it in any case. additionally, we've "carnivorous" teeth too, additionally the different form of teeth(forgot the call), used to consume our vegetables and culmination. So we've been meant to consume the two vegetables, culmination and meat. we've progressed to realize this(in case you think interior the evolution concept), and probably us human beings are going to evolve so as that the beef may well be digested. Who knows? We DO stay in a loopy worldwide, something is attainable. happy trip journeys! :]

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