Is it common for college graduates to move out of their home state for job prospects?

Im a high school junior and ive been thinking about college graduation...I live in the Northeastern US in Pennslyvania, and in my town, the job market has been declining for years and will continue to decline. In fact, the town has been officially termed "economically depressed" by the government since before I was born. I plan on entering the medical field as a Physician Assistant, but even hospitals are cutting back here, and I don't think it's entirely recession-related.

So, do you think it would be uncommon to move out of state after college graduation? I want to remain close to my family, and its nice having a somewhat short trip to Pittsburgh and Washington. However, there is simply no opportunity here.

Since the South is expanding health-care wise, Im thinking of the Raleigh area where some of my extended family has relocated. It would be great to have a better climate (I cannot stand cold PA winters). Also, I'd have a short trip to the Outer Banks, my absoulte haven from Pennslyvania. On the other hand, the South is socially conservative, and being a gay Libertarian atheist, I don't think I'd fit in very well.

What to you think?

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    If you aren't picky about the area of medicine you are working in you will be able to find a job anywhere you want to live. Especially because it will be 8-10 years before you are actually working as a PA. With the current health care reform the demand for "mid-level' practitioners is only going to get greater. Because Socialized medicine is going to add tens of millions of people into the system that didn't have health insurance and were less likely to seek medical care before unless it was absolutely necessary. The current projections suggest a shortage of 20-40 THOUSAND mid level care providers by the year 2020 and that was before health care reform.

    For more information on PA's check out and

    Source(s): PA-Student Class of 2011
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