can u help me with some science fair work?


i have a science fair project bibliography due tomorrow

i need 5 websites with the day it was made, the name, day it was accesed and who it is made by

one place needs 2 be the ISEF rules and guidelines

im doing a project on plants

its where i put a certain amount of water in laundry detergent 2 consintrait it or something like that

its different amounts of water in each cup going into a different plant

2 see how much laundry detergent kills the plants and how much will still keep it alive and allowing it 2 grow

can u plz help me?

i cant find any websites :l


ive been on tons of websites i just cant find any good ones, im in 7th grade, they have a lot of complex stuff that i dont understand!

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  • Tessa
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    1 decade ago
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    I just googled "detergent, plants" and got 1,440,000 results. I also googled "ISEF" and got 407,000 results, the first tone being the International Science and Engineering Fair home page. How are you looking for websites?

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