Cop w/ no lights on issued a Speeding Ticket to me in Ohio?

I've been having issues with the light switch in my car. I had it replaced with a used one off ebay several months ago but it is starting to go bad again. Sometimes when i hit a bump the external lights will stay on but the lights in my car that light up the dash go out (or vice versa). It can be a real pain to get it to come back on. Anyways, this was the case tonight... my internal lights went out after i hit a bump and while figetting with that a cops lights came on and he pulled me over. I know that the cop did not have his lights on when he pulled me over. I am going to get a replacement light switch as soon as i get my next paycheck and video tape inside my car while driving to prove that the part was bad and that the problem is fixed so there will be no further issues with that, but isn't it illegal for a cop to clock people without having his parking lights on in the state of ohio? Also... he pulled me over immediately after clocking me... isn't the cop supposed to follow me for at least one mile before he pulls me over?

I guess my question is, aside from the fault light switch (which i tried explaining to him) am i able to get out of this ticket because either he did not have his lights on when he clocked me or because he did not follow me for the minimum distance required by the state?

I have an excellent court record. I always plead guilty to violations when they are my fault. Should i pull up past tickets/records and use this as evidence to demonstrate my good character on matters such as this to the judge?

I'm just trying to organize my case and am trying to decide which points i should bring to the judge's attention. Any info is helpful, whether it be a law that pertains to this or personal experience... anything is helpful.



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  • Bruce
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    1 decade ago
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    The court only has jurisdiction over the offense you are charged with, they do not have jurisdiction over the officer's conduct. If you are going to contest the speeding ticket, the court will only be interested in evidence that pertains to your charges, not how the officer handled the situation.

    Complaints of officer conduct must be filed with the department, not the courts.

    Source(s): Law enforcement since 1991
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  • Kevin
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    1 decade ago

    so many things,,, where to start....

    First, the problems with your car are probably best left out of court. If you try to argue those points the judge will probably decide you have a defective vehicle and at the very least make you submit to a full vehicle inspection.

    As far as the other questions about following you and having their lights on, no.

    If the police car was not sitting on the roadway it is not required to have any lights on while sitting there. If it is legally parked why would it need to?

    I have been in law enforcement for over a decade and have NEVER heard about any rule or law requiring a violator is followed for a mile after a violation is observed. In Central Ohio it is not uncommon to see Troopers in the berm standing outside their cars clocking care with Lidar (laser) and motioning them to pull over right there at the location where the violation occurred.

    Source(s): Police officer/Detective, 13 years (Ohio)
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  • 1 decade ago

    The light switch has nothing to do with speeding. What the cop had on for lights do not matter either. Were you speeding? If the answer is yes then you get a ticket.

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  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    in case you realize the hazards of your strikes, then why did you devote them interior the 1st place? as quickly as the issuing officer matters you a cost ticket on your violation, it gets regardless of component value state regulation dictates. i don't know approximately your state, yet in Alabama, the officer has the discretion to permit you off with in basic terms a warning.

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  • Nahum
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    1 decade ago

    I'd ask actual lawyers these questions.

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