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Alison asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請幫我翻譯成英文, THANK YOU!

總而言之,我們12:00PM 在Sha Tin Railway station 集合.

然後行過去隔離既 Sha Tin Central Park 同咪 Shing Mun Rive .

01:00 PM 會走經過 Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

大概 02:00PM 我們會參觀 Che Kung Temple

然後03:30PM 搭車去參選 Hong Kong Coca-Cola Factory

06:30PM 去 Star Seafood Floating Restaurant 食晚餐.



而且透過這個day trip. 能增進他們家人之間的感情。






例如要從眾多旅遊景點中作出取捨 及 時間分配安排等.

總括來說, 經過同學的努力, project最終可順利完成。



這旅程適合 男女老少, 任何年齡的人士參加.

而費用是每人 $600 .



希望遊客們會喜歡及享受這次旅程. 中國的文化有更多了解.

而且透過這個day trip. 能增進他們家人之間的感情。

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    All in all, we have 12: 00 pm at the Sha Tin k i collection.

    And then line past isolation is Sha Tin Central Park with v mizolastine Shing of Saint Germain.

    01: 00 pm owedyou after Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

    About 02: 00 pm we will be visiting the Che Kung Temple

    And then 03: 30 pm a ride to stand for election to Hong Kong Hello ut

    06: 30 pm to Star Seafood Floating Restaurant eating dinner.

    And then itinerarys it to an end.

    Tourists will enjoy and visit.

    But this day trip. Can enhance their affection between family members.


    This project, although students great cooperation,

    Communication breakdown between the big problem, but in the end the project.

    Through this homework, on Hong Kong's tourist attractions of knowledge deepened.

    I am well aware of the original and no more to layout a day trip to resile from predicing.

    For example, out of the many liuminying make a choice, and the time allocation arrangements, etc.

    All in all, students ' efforts, project eventually completed successfully.


    Our main target is a middle class people in foreign countries.

    This trip is suitable for men, women, persons of any age to participate in.

    The fee is $ 600 per person.

    Fee includes dinner.

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