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無名背景的音樂= =?

誰能幫忙告知這位無名的相簿的背景音樂嗎= =?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    您好, 歌曲資訊如下---

    Tiu de Haan - Higher Than The Sun


    歌名 Higher Than The Sun

    演唱 Tiu de Haan

    收錄 Pop Planet

    Saw you just the other day

    The sun was shining

    You blew the clouds right away

    You turned and looked into my eyes

    My heart stopped beating

    The people just pass me by

    And I knew I could fly


    Higher than the sun

    Shining down over everyone

    Higher than the sun

    Makes me feel like I'd just begun

    Higher than the sun


    When I know you're by my side

    I get a crazy feeling that everything is alright

    And when we're walking hand in hand

    These city streets, they feel like a wonderland

    Come with me, we will be...


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