Should Israel invade Iran?

Sense Iran said it will build 10 more enrichment sites should Israel invade Iran, do you think America will help Israel or stay out of it?

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    Besides the physical impossibility of such an invasion, as Israel does not have the tools or manpower to effect such an invasion (and there is also Jordan and Iraq in between), but even if Israel had the power to do so, they would not. The reason is that Israel is an expansionist state that occupies land to create a Jewish majority in such lands and then annex such lands. Somehow, I do not think it would be as easy to ethnically cleanse the 70 million Iranians, as it was to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from Palestine in 1948.

    So I guess Israel's only option would be air strikes. But I think Israel would think a thousand times before they enact such an option as it would have dire consequences for Israel, and likely would not even be successful at neutralizing Iran's nuclear capability. I think the most likely option is that the Israel lobby will continue its dirty games in Washington to make the US fight Israel's wars as they did in Iraq.

    Any way, Iran is not doing anything in violation of the NRC rules, and everything she's been doing was under the eyes of the inspectors. Why do we want to prevent Iran from developing civilian nuclear technology? The oil and gas will eventually run out, and nuclear energy will be the alternative, and this is not very far in the future. Iran recognizes that and does not want to be a net energy importer in the future where it will be at the mercy of the industrial world, whom we know can milk third world nations very well whenever they have a chance.

    Also why the hypocrisy? There is absolutely no evidence that Iran is building a military nuclear program. It is all speculation that Iran may in future convert its nuclear knowledge for military purposes. Well you could say for any civilian nuclear program. That is not an evidence that would stand in any just court. But the problem here is that the judge is also the opponent (as we say it in Arabic).

    Then why don't we apply the same standard to Israel? Israel is not allowing any inspectors of its nuclear facilities. It is a known fact that Israel possesses nuclear arsenal (just not announcing them). Israel is a rogue state that has a very long history of attacking its neighbors. It is even said that Israel threatened to use nuclear weapons in 1973. Iran on the other hand has never attacked a neighboring country (1980-88 Iran-Iraq war was started by Iraq), and never even threatened they will attack Israel (unless they are attacked first).

    So the answer to your question (What do you think we should do?) is nothing except making sure that Iran's nuclear program progresses under the eyes of the inspectors, and build trust with the Iranian government on this issue. Until there a hard evidence is found that Iran is developing a military nuclear program, there should be no talks of sanctions or threats of military action. That can only lead problems the region can do without.

    The other thing that needs to be done is put Israel's nuclear program under scrutiny, and make Israel understand that the other countries in the region will be protected and covered by existing nuclear powers, so that Israel does not think of ever using its nuclear weapons first.

  • Presupposing that Israel has the capability to invade Iran from the air and from the sea, they do not have the military manpower to hold the whole of Iran.

    Iran's area is something like 636,000 sq miles of territory, with a population of 75million. The only effective offensive strike Israel can do is a series of surgical strikes at Iran's infrastructure and it's nuclear ambitions. They will do this in a series of attacking waves....from the air. It will not be a cheap thing to do, since Iran's airspace is by now heavily defended.

    If Israel strikes Iran, Iran can strike at other targets all over the world...and they have the capability to close the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic area where a big percentage of the world's oil tankers flow through. When that happens, be prepared to pay 5 to 6dollars per gallon of gas...possibly more. Remember, Wall Street is infested with the most greediest gnomes. True and sad that we harbor these rapacious creatures.

    Militarily, Israel can prevail, but they will just have to confront a hornet's nest of trouble the Mideast has ever seen.

    But the possibility of inaction is more disastrous, not only for the Israelis, but for the Western world.

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    If I were a 10 digit advisor I would advise Israel to build it's defences because Obama won't do a d##m thing about any Irani invasion. Obama would probably stay out of any conflict that Israel would come about. He would stall, and then have someone take his kids to a vineyard or something for Easter.

    Obama is worthless. Iran is real as day since Bush invaded Iraq. The threat has moved to Iran since the US is in Iraq now. The Taliban that bombed the towers is in caves fighting for existence in Afghanistan, but Iran is real.

    If history is not worth repeating, then why is the US in Afghanistan right now? No one has conquered that region. Not the Soviet Union, not China, and now the US tries to?

    Israel is on its own right now, politically. This is from the average joe in Arizona that doesn't watch CNN. The Obama network controls CNN. Whatever Europeon union that controls Obama the puppet owns CNN.

    This is an interesting fact: Whenever a new president takes office in the US meets with the UK. They exchange gifts, mostly valuable in nature. When Obama met with the UK officialls they offered him a pen set made from the wood of the sunken HMS Victoria, only a limited amount of wood, materials available in the world.

    Obama offered the UK embassy a set of CD's about his election.

    Past presidents have offered equally sentimental valued pen set, etc, but CDs?

    I was offended!! I am ashamed of Obama's policy setting trend and lack of world policy.

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    America will not support Israel, but the Govt of USA will, no doubt. I know many american people, they r good people, but the USA govt people are not.

    About Israel, they are now the super power in the world since after WW2. They are controlling USA, Europe, all the media and banking system. They can do anything they want now.

    Note: According to Muslim Holy Books, there will b a vital war between the Jews and the Muslims by this century. the war will last for only three days. in the first two days, every 6 out of 7 people of the Muslim will die. But on the third day, the victory will be for the Muslims and each single jews will be killed by Jesus. Just after the War will b finished, the leader of the Muslims will die and Jesus will be the new leader for the Muslims

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    Yes i think they should! Iran hate Israel so who do you think will be their first target when they get more their 10 more enrichment sites?? I think america will help Israel. we'd be a fool not to!!

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    it extremely is rattling close to impossible to over-exaggerate the magnitude of this situation. right here 3 factors make this such an explosive cocktail that could blow up in our faces: one million. Iran is coming up nuclear "capability" which it for sure does no longer want, in actuality it extremely is coming up a nuclear bomb. 2. If Iran does enhance a nuclear bomb decrease than the radar of the west then it could have the means to apply it in any way it needs because it has no longer signed the proliferation treaty. 3. The president of Iran is an entire and utter madman. he has already denied that there are any homosexuals in his usa and expressed a want to "wipe Israel off the map". it extremely is for those motives that i've got faith that the west might desire to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran. it ought to be now until now it extremely is in simple terms too late and we are up against a rustic with nuclear weapons.

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    No, Israel is country of troubles only. That country had brought troubles to America. Americans should not support Israel at all. I do not like Iran either.

    Source(s): God Bless America!!!
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    No. Why should a country invade another just because of their fuel refineries? That's a really dumb reason to go to war. At least fight over land like Lex Luthor.

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    Israel does not have the ability to invade Iran.

    Have you ever looked at a map ?

    They are more than 1,000 kilometers away from each other.

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    the government should be punished for that, not the people. They are rebelling against their government if u wanna know

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