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Any hardware stores in Abu Dhabi?

Want to buy things like hammer, chisel etc.

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    ACE Hardware store at Mina Port.

    Coming from Corniche, drive direction Port, make a left turn at the last light, drive through the circle, leave 1. right. On the left side you see the store.

    Otherwise True Value in Marina Mall.

    But - in case you have to buy a lot and want it cheap, Dragon Mart in Dubai

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    have you checked the hardware aisle in Carrefour or Lulu or Coops

    ACE Hardware has a lot of stuff but usually more expensive than "same quality" items found in those hypermarkets. You can also try the market shops in building supply market. Here in Dubai that is the narrow road behind the municipality parking near Sabkha road , Deira. On SZR there is an ACE branch , and near to it behind PAN Emirates Furniture bldg there is a place called Speedex (or something like that) that is also a hardware store like ace but cheaper. Another ACE on the parking level in Burjuman (very small though), and the largest is in Dubai Festival City which is a huge building and hard to miss.

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    there's a stretch of Najda street between Electra and Al Falah that has dissimilar shops with high quality doorways and door hardware. by way of far the final one is on the west portion of Najda and closer to Al Falah. i've got been in there many cases however the call escapes me top now. that's enormous keep and the call is something like high quality Metals Inc. in case you walk down Najda in the direction of Al Falah you will no longer omit it. i think of that's form of the final ironmongery keep of the team. Their stuff is fabulous.

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    in abudhabi i dont know but yes in dubai in festival city there is a huge hardware showroom..

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