Difference Between Capacity and Avaible on Ipod touch settings?

On my ipod touch I go to settings and then I see Capacity. 14.5 Gigs. (My ipod is 16 gig) and available says 9.0 gig. I was wondering why theres more then a 5 gig difference. Why am i missing 5 gigs? :O

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    1 decade ago
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    Your iPod is 16 gigs but after the programs and everything the iPod needs to function, you have a 14.5 gig capacity for personal usage.

    You have 9 gigs available because you have 5.5 gig of songs, video, pictures, etc, of stuff on your iPod.

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    capacity is what is left over after the OS and other basic items that the Ipod can't run without are subtracted from the total memory. Available is the space that you aren't using. The 5 gig difference is thanks to you having songs, apps, or videos already on the Ipod.

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    3 years ago

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    1 decade ago

    Available is how much space you have left to use. Capacity is how much space the iPod can use total.

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