I am looking to buy a 308 caliber rifle for Target and hunting? Any suggestions?

The use for this gun will be for hunting and target. I would like feed back on guns to look at.

Needs to shot 300 yards, scope options, semi auto or bolt. With bull barrel, 18-20 inch barrel, below $1200.00 dollars.

I know that a 308 will shot up to 1000 yards but don't need that much reach out and touch. Have looked at a F & H, Rem 700 and Savage but would like to keep a open minded. Thanks for the help

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    With a shorter barrel ( with 22 -24-26 inch for magnums as being standard), you really don't need the "bull barrel" except for some heat dissipation, but you don't want to heat up your barrel that much anyway because it severely impacts longevity. And as you realize, you aren't taxing the rifle's abilities if you want good accuracy at 300-400 yards only. The Steyr or Ruger style "Scout" rifle came to mind right away,but many people don't like the scope positioned forward on the rifles as the Scout uses. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scout_rifle

    So I looked a little and found something that might fit the profile you want : http://www.ruger-firearms.com/products/m77HawkeyeC...

    That is the Ruger Compact, available in 308, with a 16.5 inch barrel and a shortened stock, which is the same concept as the Remington Model 7 (not 700)


    The Model 7 has a 20 inch barrel.

    These are not quite "Youth" rifles but they are more compact than standard, and the Remington offers even more potent cartridges than 308,with the Ruger you would need to look at the Compact Magnums which use the RCM (proprietary cartridge similar to the WSM and SAUM) to get more cartridge performance.

    Any modern,decent rifle can accomplish good to excellent accuracy to 300 yards, and I handload so my A-Bolts get Sub-MOA groups,but I think given your parameters the Model 7 or the Ruger Compact would work better than even the scout options.

    Source(s): http://www.ruger-firearms.com/products/m77RugerCom... I reload for 223,243,30-06 and 300 WSM currently.
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    If you like to shoot a lot -- then .223 is the best choice.... Its a military round and available for far less money than .243, 270 and most if not all centerfire cartridges.... $300 New?? that may be difficult. H&R has some single shot rifles that are less than $300 -- there allright but not that great of a rifle.... Maybe used would be fine....... What ever you do try to stick with .308 or .223 -- dont waver ---- depending on how much you shoot, ammunition will cost overall way more than the rifle.... so stick to the Military size stuff.......

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    GREAT QUESTION MATE. I am also looking for the exact same rifle and reAlly want to thank you for asking this question. I personally have been told alot that both the remy 700 and also the savage are both great rifles for both hunting and target shooting so I am going to buy one of these now the question is what scope?

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    Rem 700,Winchester 70,Ruger 77,Savage are all good guns. The 700 will be a good platform to adjust down the road as you see fit to upgrade.

    These are all good rifles suitable for 300yds and more.

    Source(s): z
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    All good suggestions, I really like my Browning A and X bolt Rifles. A good semi auto rifle to check out is the Springfield armory M1A.

    Happy Hunting and Shooting

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    + 1 for Remy 700

    A SPS Tactical has a 20" barrel and goes for around $600 which leaves you enough to get a good quality scope.

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    Remington 700 ADL, i have just the 770 and its a beast, and i here that the 700 is flawless, about 700$ new

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    Consider the Remington 700 SPS Varmint.......

    Take a look......


    or the Remington 700 Milspec5R....


    And for a shorter barrel this Remington 700 VTR ( I Have one of these)......


    The VTR probably is the closest to your criteria.......

    Look here at this .308 cartridge guide while your at it.......


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    How about a DPMS .308B. AR-10 platform, 18 inch bull barrel. Will take a scope. MSRP is $1159. If you are including a scope in your stated budget this may not work for you? I've been lusting after one of these myself.

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    * Remington or Savage Brand.*

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