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Egypt : In details: How/where/what is required to apply for private home's tax in Cairo ?

where should I go to do that?, what are the paper required?(if I am in Egypt now)

If I am not in Egypt: How that can be done also

I need both answers please...


moonrise.. walahi i am not living in Rehab, but Shrouk ,,the problem that i am not in Egypt now, and did not leave tawkeel to anyone,,,

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    Shoof ya sidi el 3'aba2 elly yen2et:

    Teroo7 el 7ay elly tabe3 loh el 3aqar. ya3ny if you have three appartments one in Cairo, one in Alex and say one in October you have to go to 3 places separately.. le2an el dareeba 3ALA EL 3AQAR and NOT 3ala el person.. and there in each 7ay you'll find a department for receiving declarations. and you should get the data of the exact address from the contract 3ashan feeh lagnah 7atenzel el sana el gayya te2addar..

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    Both Popey and ceasar is right.

    You should visit el 7ayy according to the address and location of the flat or any 3aqar not only flats. They should provide you with an application or tell where to buy it. You should answer the questions and fill all the information needed then deliver it to them in time. Later there will be a committee to evaluate and check the details then it's unknown how they will inform the owner later.

    All the above if you are in Egypt.

    For outside Egypt, they didn't tell anything till now about how it can be done from outside Egypt. I expect they will put something in the government portal on the internet. This is the most suitable I think, but you know it's unknown yet.

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    where should I go to do that?

    -There is a special office for that that you need to locate locally .. its called el darayeb el 3ekareya

    what are the paper required?

    -an application you get from the office itself called "el eqrar el dareeby"

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    you can go to one office of darayeb 3aqariya .

    in my case , i went to the Heliopolis office , facing the Mahkama in Heliopolis.

    i got files , one for each of my properties which are in different places , but one of them in Heliopolis .

    i filled each of the files , signed it , and gave it in with a photocopy of my new raqam qawmy .

    i kept a photocopy of each of my files for future reference .

    if you are abroad , ask someone who has a tawkeel rasmy from you , to do this .

    i understand you live in Al Rihaab.

    find out the office of dareeba 3akariya of your district .

    follow the procedure i described .

    good luck


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    I never thought the day would come that Zoser would have a question LOL....sorry, I just had to let that out!! haha

    ....Sorry, I don't have an answer though haha

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