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Cheap baby clothes online. In the UK ?

I am on a tight budget,

&have a baby on the way.

does anyone know any online stores

where i can get good quality but affordable baby clothes

it must be in the UK,

as i dont like using my card when shopping online overseas

Also if you know any trustworthy website that would be great


2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    supermarkets are very cheap and i know, your thinking "im not buying baby clothes from a supermarket!! what will the neighbours think!?" lol, but the clothes in asda really arent that bad! also try matalan and tk max, not sure how young thier clothes go to, but deff. asda

    good luck, and congratulations!!

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Ross, target and Walmart, Kmart, always check these places out, constantly having sales on baby clothes, I always stop by and pick up like 6 outfits for $20-$30. Found lots of baby clothes at Ross for under $2. Craigslist has car seats (check for warranty, they do expire!) high chairs, toys, lots of stuff. lots of it is trust worthy cause baby's are simple and people buy way too much for it, they love to be naked but have 6x more clothes than me. and check with people with older kids, my sister gave my brother a stroller they used 3 times, and he also got a bunch of clothes from my nephew that were never even worn! good luck

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