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Should I go to West Point?

I am currently a freshman in college right now with a full 4 year ROTC scholarship. I wasn't for sure if I wanted to be in the Army or not so I thought I'd check out ROTC since I knew I could get out. Well now I'm really enjoying it, and I'm beginning to want more out of it. I know that I'd want to further myself in the military life, and I believe West Point would provide this opportunity to me.

Is it to late to apply? Would you recommend it? What are the requirements? I got a 26 on my ACT and did well on the writing section as well. I also graduated high school with highest honors.

Please let me know your thoughts or experiences, and what steps I should be taking next.

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    First, if you go to West Point, you will automatically be in the regular Army when you graduate. Only a small percentage of ROTC graduates are picked for the regular Army. Most go into the Reserves.

    Second, you would have to start over as a freshman. Your first year of school would not count. You cannot transfer in as a sophomore. It's possible that some of your coursework would be accepted, but it would be more like you had received AP credit and could skip a class rather than that you had already been in college.

    Third, you can't just go. You need an appointment. Monday morning, get on the phone to your Congresscritter's office and ask what is required for an appointment to West Point. Next, call your high school's college counseling center. I honestly don't know if you should talk to anyone at your ROTC office. I did AFROTC in college (albeit 20 years ago) and one guy was given absolute grief because he was going to Colorado Springs the following year.

    And then go to the Website and apply.

    Look, what's the worst that could happen. Right now, you aren't going to West Point. If you apply and they turn you down, you still aren't going to West Point. If you are accepted, however, you get to go to West Point. What's the downside here?

    BTW, if you can't get in, you can graduate, serve as a Reserve, and petition to move over to regular Army. I know a few people who have. It's not like there's an abundance of peace and we have too many soldiers, you know?

    Good luck to you, soldier! Hoorah and don't forget Soldiers' Angels supports you!

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    I in simple terms have been given regularly occurring to West element, and the truly considerable issues are to (a million) have an extremely good educational checklist for the time of severe college so as which you will get an "loa" (letter of coverage - which in fact means that in case you fulfill the different skills, the college is booking you a niche on your type); (2) Be athletically in contact and whatnot (you seem nice in that branch - keep on!); and (3) Be in contact in the community (I volunteer at my nearby volunteer ambulance corps). tutor management by working for sophistication place of work or heading up an NHS team. the subject i've got found out whilst i've got long previous by this technique is that in case you exhibit excellence in all of those areas and the college needs you, you do no longer might desire to rigidity lots appropriate to the nomination. you nonetheless might desire to maintain on with and bypass for the time of the stress of the interview technique, even inspite of the shown fact that it is not one among those huge deal as ending each little thing else. start as early as a risk, for the period of spring of junior 365 days. in case you may make it, bypass to the "summer season leaders seminar" application that West element holds each 365 days to tutor a risk applicants what it means to bypass to West element (keep on with early for this too, with the aid of fact getting a niche is aggressive). stable success to you! in simple terms be sure you maintain up the stressful paintings in severe college considering the fact that's the place it truly counts (set your self up now - academically and athletically and management-clever - and that's not one among those stressful adjustment once you get into severe college).

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