Exactly how to ribbon roll-up curtains or shades work?

We have a small room that needs a little more privacy. There are 5 casement/hinge windows that swing in. I need curtains that allow the windows to be opened. Pull open shades wouldn't work, its a small octagon shaped room with windows right next to each other, it would make things look too crowded and get in the way for opening the windows. I think ribbon roll up curtains would work.

However, I am wondering if I would have to roll up the windows by hand first, then tie with ribbon??? It would be great if you could just pull the ribbon, and the ribbon rolls up the curtain.

Has anyone used these type of curtains? Thanks :-)

Here are some examples of that I'm talking about:




I don't know if this link works but... here are some old pics of the windows in the room. The room has been redecorated since these were taken.


Update 2:

Stained Glass is a thought, except the view of the hollywood hills is so beautiful...I need to be able to see out.

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    Whatever you decide to use, you obviously need to clear the top edge of the window. If you use the one you have shown, you need to outside mount to the casing so that you can raise it high enough to clear your window. The inside mount will stack up but not give you the clearance.

    I'm assuming you have a country home by the choice of ribbons but a roman (outside mount) shade could solve your dilemma as well and keep it simple. Just make sure you mount them high enough above the window so that when raised, the bottom edge allows your window the freedom to open. This will also give the illusion of height. If you have a minimalistic or modern style, consider bamboo. If not, try a simple linen or solid duck cotton or sateen. Without seeing the room, it is hard to advise. But, I think I would blend a neutral or tone on tone fabric into your walls to open up the space. Prints will just enclose it.


    Or, like these:


    Source(s): I just viewed your added link. You must outside mount your shades! You can use the natural woven flat roman shades to create a more tropical look in keeping with the palm trees or use semi sheer solar roman shades. You can layer your windows with sheer side panels if you wanted to create a breezy look when the windows are open. I would stay light in color though. Why not look for a store which carries Hunter Douglas or Graber so you can see the selections. You have a beautiful view so you want something which will direct your eyes towards the outside. Any high contrasting color to the wall will stop your eye and direct your vision to look at what is going on in the room. See my examples below. I like the flat roman shades with the valance. If you go with natural woods, make sure you consider moisture. Bamboo might be a better choice rather than jute in that case. http://www.smithandnoble.com/sn/product_detail.jsp... http://www.smithandnoble.com/sn/product_category.j... These are light filtering but you can have black out lining added if you wanted to. http://www.smithandnoble.com/sn/product_detail.jsp...
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    You can sew little plastic rings (dime sized) at equal distance to accomplish this.

    But woah if I had a little octagonal room I would put the window film on the windows. http://www.designyourwall.com/store/Stained-Glass-...

    *******How georgeous! Cornices!! Great for storage on top too then your roman/ribbon shades would tuck inside giving a tailored look. http://fabricsandhome.com/shades/roman-shade.jpg



    So what I'm seeing is the cornices mounted above the windows. The roman ribbon shades attached to the cornice so they clear the windows when opened.

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    Hi, How about solar window shades as they enable you to still enjoy your view. http://www.windowshadesblind.com/solar-window-shad... Hope this helps.

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