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Do you have a great passion for the culinary arts?

If so, why? I'm truely curious why people feel so driven and inspired by this particular art. Their passion is starting to rub off on me. I want to try to explore cooking now. :)

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  • Rab.
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    Hi Mysha, What a good question, although everyone might have a different answer.

    If you think of it the earliest we get to know about cooking is with a loving family if we are lucky enough to be in one. It is a very social activity - eating the end results. Sometimes our best memories are centered around family occasions holidays weddings parties. All usually comfortable and of course a full stomach gives you a sense of well being it's what we need to live, makes you feel contented and therefore happier too.

    To cook for someone even though you do not know them is a very intimate experience, You are in a way touching their very being - making them feel happy ,full and contented, and you might not even meet them. Cooking is not just putting something on a plate and watching it disappear into someones stomach. It a mixture of Science ,Art ,Culinary skills, Inspiration and most of all Passion. To love life is to love food,for without one there is no other. Think of all the major celebrations we have. From the cradle to the grave, somewhere food is involved. Our earliest Birthday,Special Birth dates like 18th and 21st birthdays, are celebrate. Weddings a very special occasion for most celebrated with a magnificent cake usually costing much more than we can afford! Then sadly, the final act we show someone after they have died in most cultures all over the wold is a wake. To celebrate and honour the person we have loved,respected and lost. Now you know why I am passionate about food. I sincerely do hope some of that passion does rub off on you and you do feel inspired. I cannot think of anything I'd rather do.

    I hope this has gone some way to answering your question, I'm sure I have left a lot out (you might be glad about that),and I 'll think later I should have mentioned this or that,but I don't want to bore you to tears. All the best. Rab

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    Dear Mysha

    I have a great passion for culinary arts because I love to eat, but the biggest satisfaction is when people tell you that they like the food that You made.

    It also feels great when you can apply creativity in cooking.

    It makes you happier when you´re around fresh foods, and you can cook them

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    First off, I LOVE FOOD. And Im also a very creative and artistic person.

    Although Im not a bit overweight,lol, I spend all my spare time cooking and entertaining.

    I am a bit of a health nut so I enjoy preparing my own food just so I know whats in it. It makes me feel good knowing my family is getting healthy, balanced, home cooked meals everyday.

    It also just makes ya feel really good when you create something beautiful and delicious. It brings such joy to people.

    Trust me, I know. Im a baker/cake decorator.

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    i am only 13 years old and i LOVE cooking/baking and i am actually quite good at it says my mom.! i love the joy it brings to peoples faces we you make something for them. As you already know food is a big part of our society today.

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  • Anonymous
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    Get a mentor - someone that has this degree. See if they are even working in the field. I know a couple of people that have that degree, but can not get the jobs they want. Competition is fierce. /

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