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Italians: Has the international media coverage of your country's legal system in Amanda Knox case been fair?

What do you think?

Personally, although I am an American, I'm convinced that my fellow countrymen Amanda Knox was guilty in the murder. I can understand the not-guilty side's case, though.

But does it seem as if the media's treating the Italian court system as if it were a North Korean show trial or something? I don't think it's a fair representation of the Italian court system at all. Do you?

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    the problem is that the arrogant american medias don't accept that another country could trial and condemn one their citizen that committed homicide, it happened when US air force pilots killed 20 turists on the italian alps in 1998, when an american soldier killed a member of italian intelligence in Iraq, when CIA members were arrested in italy after they kidnapped an innocent italian citizen on the italian soil, during the so called extraordinary rendition, when in 1985 italian goverment denied the Delta Force to land on an italian NATO base violating italian sovranity to arrest some palestinian terrorists, etc

    italian law denies extradiction to countries where is active death penalty, so i think it is not possible that amanda knox could be extradicted in USA, because there she risks to be executed, so amanda knox is safer in an italian jail than in an american one

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    Your right, I think she is as guilty as could be & much of the media in the USa is as clueless as could be. Does anyone remember the O.J. trial? If he was innocent I'm chairman Mao?

    Gman is an ignorant ***!!!!!!!!!!! Organized crime existed in the USA long before the Italians were allowed to emigrate here. The Dutch, Germans, eastern European Jews & Irish were all blamed for the socalled mob before the Italians.

    The main difference is that the Italians were labeled with this stereotype at a time when the media expanded. The other groups who were labeled the criminal element did not have TV, Hollywood, radio, & newspapers portray them as such all at the same time. They only had limited amounts of bashing in newspapers & magazines at a time when most could not read.

    Many laws in most western countries came from the Romans in the first place.

    Yes, many Americans seem to think that only the English speaking world has a fair judicial system

    while bitching about how lenient our system is on violent criminals.

    It is ignorance on a huge scale which proves just how closed minded many of my fellow Americans are.

    Source(s): 44 years of life & studying law, politics, history, & traveling the world.
  • Being American aND Italian, as in dual citizenship. I think America has a lot of bs that goes on in our own justice system. But i'm startijng to take offense on the criticism in italian court rooms. I guess blood is thicker than water. I think italy is a very strong country and hasnt conformed to all the bs of other parts of europe or the west of america.

    Im siding with my italian side. And I am OFFENDED by the way America is talking we arent you america you understand

    on another note, america kind of does own the world, they are made from everybody of the world.

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    I'm American Italian and live here in the United States and I believe that she is guilty also.

    I lived in Italy for 10 years and I believe the Italian court system knows exactly what they are doing.

    The media is trying to make it seem that it's court system because she seems to be such an sweet girl and she's only 21 but I can see right through her.

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    properly, i'm Italian and that i think of that our Justice gadget has its features (the prospect to alter a incorrect question, case in point) and its faults (the prospect to maintain in detention center an harmless). although, that's fake that Italian police is violent... there are lots of greater circumstances of violence from police contained in the u . s . a . than in Italy or maybe Amanda suggested that she grew to become into taken care of with kindness in detention center. apart from, i do no longer understand why maximum of human beings criticize Italian gadget jointly as even on your guy or woman there have been a lot of circumstances of harmless human beings condemned (in specific circumstances even condemned to loss of existence)... an occasion of that's Michael Morton, who grew to become into stored in detention center 25 years and grew to become into harmless. regrettably whilst a murde happens is in specific circumstances confusing to locate the assassin and if there is a proof that a individual may be the criminal, that's greater desirable to maintain her in detention center in stead of permit her get away (and perchance kill somebody else). P.S.: sorry for my undesirable English. P.P.S.: Emanuele isn't Italian in any respect. -.-"

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    We don't care what American media say. As they think the whole world is their property, they can't accept an american citizen to be punished abroad.

    That's stupid.

    She killed a girl, and after that she tried to send in jail an innocent man at her place. If you were innocent, would you do that?

    She is deeply evil and perverse.

    Also, after seeng what Americans did in Iraq with war prisoners, how can they judge other legal systems?? They'd better shut up.

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    G man you are an idiot whatch and mind at the scums and mobs in your contry first where the crime rate is huge!

    is because americans are arrogants and they think they can behave as beasts the way they want everywhere and no one have to dare to tell them something...less than less italy which they considered as bad as they can.....they are shameful and is time they start to realize they suck and the crime they did all over the world, including Italy with their dumb people, can not stay without punishment anymore!

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    the media is like atheists they just can't keep their 2 cents of it

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    It is not by coincidence that the Mob is of Italian decent.

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