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Great win for Kevin Mitchell?

This was a step up for him and he fought a smart fight. Do you think this victory will land him a world title shot or do you think he needs a couple more fights before then?

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    1 decade ago
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    Mitchell would be a tough fight for any of the world's lightweights, he has a good chin, power, speed, movement and boxing brain. He dominated Prescott, but Prescott isn't actually that good, he's just a bomber with little else to his game, and his bombs only spurred Mitchell on last night. Kevin caught him at will when he threw the left hook, and fair play to Prescott for the way he took them, other fighters may have been stretched out on the deck. Kevin's best shot is the left hook, but he caught Prescott with some great straight rights too. That wasn't even the best of Mitchell, either, and don't forget that he stepped up - literally - in weight. It was obvious he was always wary of getting caught with a big shot so he wasn't as aggressive as he usually is, but he fought very smart and Prescott had no answers to his movement and speed.

    I would like to see him take on John Murray first as it would benefit both fighters greatly, both would gain vital experience, learn from each other, and would have a more appealing record to take with them to the international level. Both are also young enough to bounce back from a defeat. Remember when i said Murray needs to fight someone who will give him trouble? Mitchell is the man for that. It would be a huge domestic fight. If not, i don't see why Mitchell is not ready for a world title shot, he's a very good fighter.

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    Great win. No I don't think that he needs another fight before challenging for a world title. The contest was an official eliminator. He's never been on the canvas, and he's had to come up the hard way, without all the luxuries, cash and mass media attention bestowed upon some boxers. The time is right. He deserves a shot at one of the lightweight world champions. I think that Khan will be looking to box at welterweight in the not to distant future, down the line he may well end up at light middle. I think that Mitchell should forget about Khan, and concentrate on the lightweight division.

    John Murray is a potential opponent down the line. I don't think that the fight makes any sense unless one of them becomes a world champion. Unless I'm mistaken Prescott challenged for a world title after beating Khan, and lost on a narrow margin. Many people didn't expect Mitchell to win against Prescott, but he did a great job. No more warms up. He deserves a title shot.

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    Hmmmm he was fantastic. But I'd probably like to see him in a few more first

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